Certified Special Inspections

KMB Design Group is a nationally licensed and recognized telecommunications engineering firm in the United States and Europe allowing us to do business both nationally and internationally. Since 2008, our in-house crew of telecom engineers has combined vast experience with responsive engineering solutions, including Certified Special Inspections, for even the most complex projects.

KMB Certified Special Inspections for Telecom

The telecom industry is evolving to meet increasing consumer demands. Therefore, wireless communication facilities including towers, rooftops and other structures will need to be updated to support new equipment deployments.

Certified Special Inspections are an integral part of our telecom services.

Certified Special Inspection Services

Certified special inspections are an important part of telecommunication services to evaluate an infrastructure’s integrity and longevity. To ensure a successful inspection, KMB provides clear communication, detailed documentation and qualified professionals for a collaborative approach to keep the project on time.

Our crew takes full responsibility for your asset, acting as your eyes and ears in the field.

We provide certified special inspection services such as:

  • Post-Modification and Special Inspections – Post-modification inspections help to ensure your structure meets capacity requirements and is modified to the highest standards.
  • Welding Inspections – Welding inspections help to ensure that structures contain appropriate welds in the proper location, length and size.
  • Non-Destructive Testing – Non-destructive testing can help to detect subsurface and surface flaws that may not be noticeable. While they may not be visible to the naked eye, they can compromise the tower’s safety and structural integrity.
  • Foundation Inspections – Foundation inspections are conducted during the construction process to ensure appropriate rebar reinforcement is in place prior to it being filled with concrete.
  • Mappings – Tower, mount, rooftop and foundation mapping provides clients with the necessary information about the tower’s condition and capacity to verify future structures are done in accordance with approved specifications.
  • TIA Tower Inspections – TIA (Telecommunications Industry Association) sets industry standards in which telecommunication towers must adhere to. KMB performs thorough inspections to ensure towers meet current standards and building codes.

Responsive Engineering

KMB Design Group is a leading consulting firm in the telecommunications industry. Our comprehensive expertise combined with full design, project management, implementation, and certified special inspection services allow us to handle any challenges from consulting to project completion.

Contact us to learn more about telecom engineering solutions and certified inspection services for your projects.