Energy Production Estimates

The ROI on Commercial Solar Energy Production

KMB Design Group is a nationally recognized solar engineering services leader. As stewards for the community and the environment, the KMB Solar engineers are committed to a sustainable future. We work together to provide comprehensive and sustainable solar energy production estimates to support commercial and utility scale solar projects nationwide.

Commercial and Utility Scale Solar Energy Production Estimates

With over 15 years of experience for over 900 locations, KMB Solar Engineering is one of the most experienced solar engineering firms in the United States. Licensed in 50 states, KMB has technical skills required to meet your needs.

Energy Production Estimates That You Can Trust

KMB provides accurate estimates with industry-leading solar energy performance simulations including:

  • HelioScope– HelioScope integrates streamlined layout tools with a powerful simulation engine to provide layout designs in full 3D, solar energy proposals, energy yield simulations, and shade reports. This is one tool in KMB’s toolbelt that helps us quickly and easily show clients what a PV system can look like and how much energy it can produce.
  • PVsyst– PVsyst is another industry standard photovoltaic modelling tool that can be used to determine production estimates for a project. KMB utilizes this tool to provide production estimates, optimize designs, determine the impact of shading, and verify that systems are performing up to expectations.
  • System Advisor Model (SAM)– SAM can be used to model many types of renewable energy systems, providing financial models for commercial projects, power purchase agreement (PPA) projects and third party ownership. KMB can implement this financial modelling technique to help you estimate the cost of your Solar energy system, including operating and installation, so you can make informed decisions on what type and size of system is right for you.

Save Time and Money with KMB Solar Engineers

KMB Design Group is a leading consulting firm in the renewable energy field and has provided photovoltaic design and engineering services for a wide range of commercial solar projects including governmental agencies, private sectors, educational institutions and more. From small scale to large scale, KMB can help you gain accurate estimates with and unlock higher levels of cost savings through energy production estimates.

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