PV Design And Layout Services

As a leading consulting firm in the renewable energy field, KMB Design Group provides a wide range of commercial PV design and layout construction services for businesses nationwide.

The Future Looks Bright for Commercial Solar

Whether you require photovoltaic design and layout options for a large warehouse or a brick-and-mortar storefront, opting to go solar is good for business. Choosing solar not only highlights your commitment to sustainable practices and reduces your carbon footprint, but can be one of the most rewarding financial investments a business can make.

Thanks to the decreasing costs of PV installation and a global push for renewable energy sources, the future looks bright for commercial solar. Optimizing your commercial solar energy production and ROI are dependent on several parameters, including an optimized PV design and layout.

Commercial PV Design and Layout: What Sets Us Apart

The KMB photovoltaic engineering team offers a wide range of solar solutions for commercial customers nationwide. Our unparalleled professional expertise and creative, sustainable solutions help clients drive maximum ROI. By offering top-quality, reliable services, we aim to make the process of photovoltaic design as seamless as possible.

Every commercial installation project has its own unique specifications and challenges. Each requires meticulous and careful planning, which is where our PV design consultants excel.

PV Design and Layout Considerations

Designing an efficient PV system is a science. Small changes can largely affect renewable energy production, return on investment and insight into a system’s future performance. Therefore, optimizing the layout and design for each project becomes paramount.

The PV experts at KMB factor in many unique optimization drivers during each project’s PV design and layout phase, such as:

  • Shade Tolerance- Factoring in availability of direct sunlight and angles of shade.
  • Panel Layout- Considering solar tilt and direction, module spacing, etc.
  • Inverter Design- Optimizing new technologies to maximize the project’s future success.

Grow with KMB

Curious about how proper PV design and layout solutions can help your own business?

As a full-service engineering solutions provider, KMB is licensed in all 50 states within the US, Europe and Puerto Rico. We engineer all commercial solar installation types including rooftop installations, canopy installations, ground-mount installations and multi-site programs. Our solar engineering team has the extensive expertise to factor in the optimal PV design and layout considerations that help businesses get the most out of their PV system — and improve their ROI.

We have provided PV design services for more than 900 locations and 1GW nationwide. We’re proud of our portfolio. KMB has the ability to work nationally, without limitations.

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