Energy Usage Analyses

KMB Design Group offers energy usage analyses for commercial and industrial customers nationwide.

KMB Solar Energy Usage Analyses Services

KMB Design Group is a leading solar engineering consulting firm, providing comprehensive photovoltaic design services for commercial clients. With the ability to work nationally without limitations, the company has provided solar and energy management services since 2003.

Our seasoned staff of solar and electrical engineers have an in-depth understanding of solar energy production and facility usage, conceptual and full-design work, utility coordination and facility usage, This allows us to help clients find ways to understand, manage and reduce their energy use.

Why Commission Energy Usage Analyses

Energy efficiency begins by identifying wasteful consumption and then reducing or eliminating unnecessary energy usage. As solar energy production continues to increase, the costs associated with PV continue to decrease. We pride ourselves on helping commercial and industrial clients understand how and where they are using energy, as well as how to get the most value from their PV investments. This offers an ideal opportunity to identify how much you’ll save on future electricity costs.

During a Solar Energy Analysis (SEA), KMB will conduct an in-depth assessment of historical energy usage, utility bills that consume electricity. Our team analyzes costs and efficiencies, giving our clients valuable insight on facility energy usage analysis and helping them to develop future sustainable energy goals.

Monitoring Energy Usage Analyses

Let our solar engineering and photovoltaic design experts advise you on how to best harness the potential of the sun. By preparing your own unique load profile, we provide on-site energy usage analyses for rooftop installations, canopy installations, ground mount or multi-site programs. This takes into consideration your individual load profile, roof size and orientation, energy demands, yield forecast, and expected energy production of your photovoltaic system.

Are you interested in an onsite energy usage analysis? Consult with one of our solar engineers today.