Solar Canopy Installations

Solar canopy-mounted photovoltaic structures above parking lots, parking garages, wastewater tanks and rooftops.

Solar Canopy Installations

Many organizations are embracing the idea of installing solar canopy-mount photovoltaic structures. Whether it’s a massive carport for a corporate parking lot or a structure above a wastewater tank, solar canopy installations have many benefits, especially for organizations dealing with high utility bills.

Solar Canopy Benefits

Investing in a solar canopy structure displays a strong commitment to a sustainable future among many other benefits:

Efficient. A solar canopy-mounted photovoltaic structure offers a far more efficient use of space and does not require extra land like a ground mounted system. If efficient use of space is a concern, consider a solar carport over a ground-mounted system.

Energy Savings. Since a canopy-mounted system is designed to tilt in an optimal direction, the maximum amount of sunlight can be captured to provide clean energy in a very efficient manner. This increased efficiency results in the ability for organizations to decrease electric payments and stabilize cash flow.

Versatile. Many solar canopy parking lots also incorporate electric car charging stations so that drivers of electric vehicles can recharge with solar power while they are parked.This improves the parking experience for employees and visitors.

Incentives. Some states, like Massachusetts, have specific tax incentives for solar canopy structures over ground mount.

ROI. For commercial buildings, factories, warehouses and offices, solar canopies offer numerous benefits in terms of green energy and savings. In fact, a company can expect to see a larger return on investment over the lifetime of their PV system.

KMB Solar Canopy Installations and Engineering Services

The KMB solar engineering team is experienced in canopy-mount photovoltaic structures, which can be installed above parking lots, parking garages, wastewater tanks, and rooftops.

With over 1 GW of project installation experience to date (over 900 locations), KMB brings the turnkey services and solar engineering capabilities to develop the most efficient and effective canopy installation solutions for clients nationwide.

Our solar services include:

  • Conceptual design and feasibility
  • Energy usage analysis
  • Energy production estimates
  • PV design and layout
  • Electrical engineering
  • Medium Voltage and Relay Engineering
  • Structural engineering
  • Calculations and Studies, including Arc Flash, Coordination Studies, Short Circuit
  • Studies, and Grounding Studies
  • RFP preparation
  • Construction administration
  • Project management
  • Civil and environmental engineering
  • Commissioning support
  • Independent engineer review and inspections
  • Permitting and applications

Why KMB?

KMB Design Group has been at the forefront of the ever-changing and progressive photovoltaic industry since 2008. Our team of responsive solar engineers has provided custom and turnkey solar engineering and design solutions for organizations in all major renewable energy markets nationwide.

KMB is licensed in 50 states, which means we have the ability to work nationally without limitations. As your full-service engineering firm, we pride ourselves on delivering quality solutions for a wide range of solar installation projects.

In fact, KMB has helped clients harness the power of solar and deliver over 1 gigawatt (GW) of clean, renewable energy. Our dedicated engineers have experience in all facets of solar power generation, including design, engineering, installation, maintenance and technical support, for mid to large-scale solar photovoltaic projects of 10KW to 20MW and over. We collaborate and communicate with clients early in the development process and throughout to ensure every project delivers exceptional results.

But, we’re more than solar engineers. KMB has a longstanding commitment to alternative energy. We’re stewards for the environment and community, and are committed to supporting a sustainable future, reducing carbon emissions and helping our clients harness the power provided by clean, renewable energy sources.

As your trusted utility scale solar partner, KMB brings success through engineering excellence, teamwork and integrity.

Allison Kimball, PE

Partner, Senior VP of Solar Engineering

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Whether coastal environments like Miami, the urban challenges of a city like Chicago, suburbs of New York, or rural farmland locations, KMB has the experience to tackle any sized challenge.

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