November 21, 2022

KMB Design Group Recognized for Structural Engineering Excellence

KMB Recognized for Structural Engineering Excellence

Dedication, collaboration, and teamwork are key themes in the work being done by structural engineers at KMB Design Group in Wall, New Jersey. The company’s in-house structural engineering team recently received industry recognition for its strict adherence to not only industry standard codes and regulations, but also technical directives related to load capacity, future capacity, and constructability.

Over the course of the past decade, KMB Design Group has become a leader in the engineering space. The company is unique in its breadth, with the ability to deploy in-house teams in nearly every field of engineering. It’s also deeply committed to achieving the mutual success of clients, vendors, and staff through engineering excellence, responsiveness, and organized systems.

Within the field of engineering, KMB Design Group’s in-house team of structural engineers stand out for their dedication and accuracy.

Structural engineering is a specialty within the area of civil engineering. Structural engineers create renderings, perform precise calculations, review the work of other engineering teams, write reports, and observe construction sites. Structural engineers must possess a professional engineering license, which can only be obtained after passing a two-day exam, along with an advanced structural engineering license, which can only be achieved after three years of work experience. A structural engineering license is typically required to work on certain types of structures, such as schools and hospitals.

KMB takes great pride in providing an in-house structural engineering team as a value-add for clients. Structural engineering services touch nearly every engineering project KMB takes on, from steel equipment platforms in the telecom industry, to PV panel installations on rooftops in solar engineering. Structural engineers are capable of reviewing existing and proposed design loads, and developing detailed designs that are safe, economical, and code compliant. KMB’s dedicated structural engineering team thoroughly documents all existing field conditions, both during telecom installations and during ongoing work involving supporting structures.

Client satisfaction comes from knowing that the structural analysis reports provided by KMB’s structural engineers can always be trusted, and that conclusions are based on facts and on-site details. The team’s extensive experience provides invaluable guidance and direction to ensure each project is moving forward properly.

Industry Accolades

KMB’s structural engineering department works as a focused team to help clients achieve their goals, with professionalism and client satisfaction always at the forefront of every project. The department was recently recognized for its commitment to accuracy and professionalism with acceptance into AT&T’s Tower Asset Review Program (TARP).

TARP governs the manner in which existing tower mounts are reviewed and analyzed. The program was developed to ensure a safe and reliable design for the installation of tower mounts, and also to recognize industry leaders who have the credentialing and experience necessary to plan and prepare for future upgrades. TARP guidelines dictate the sufficient structural capacities for proposed tower mounts, and ensure that future capacity is not limited.

As a TARP-approved vendor, KMB is well equipped to provide upgrade plans, along with tower mount analysis. Working with an approved structural engineering team assures clients that their projects will be able to proceed quickly and smoothly when the time comes to upgrade sites in the future.

Commitment to Excellence

KMB Design Group’s commitment to accuracy, thoroughness, and client satisfaction is apparent in every project the organization takes on. The procedures developed in becoming a TARP-approved vendor have enhanced KMB’s structural engineering department and established the team as a leader in responsive engineering and competent solutions.

KMB is proud to have a complete team of licensed professionals on staff to review and analyze every project design. To learn more about the benefits of working with a full-service engineering group, click here.