February 2, 2015

Structural Engineering: Benefits of Tower Co-Location

Co-location services today are critical to support the explosive data growth and the need for high-bandwidth, low latency connectivity to wireless networks. Over the last few years, many carriers are moving from building and owning new towers to selling off the vertical infrastructure and becoming a tenant. In addition to this change in infrastructure, ownership is a huge push to co-locate on existing towers rather than incurring the expense of building new towers.

Tower companies typically own or lease a tower structure under a long term contract. Wireless tenants typically own and operate the equipment and sometimes lease the vertical space on the tower and portions of the land underneath for their equipment – called co-location. “Co-location” refers to a single structure which is used to support multiple antennas operated by different carriers. Cell tower co-location is the use of one structure to mount or deploy mobile telecommunications antennas belonging to more than one wireless service provider within a single location.

A few factors are changing the tower co-location scenery:

• The push to deploy new technology on existing sites, for example LTE
• The need for added radio capacity forcing radios to be located as close to the antennas as possible
• Remote Radio Heads
• DC & Fiber from the ground equipment to the tower equipment
• Increased weight and wind loading

All of these factors are having a drastic impact on the tower industry and the result is often that towers, when reviewed to accommodate these changes, are often over-stressed and therefore require structural reinforcement. This reinforcement often affects the tower steel and the foundation.

When reviewing a tower to accommodate these additional equipment loads, it is essential that you work with an engineering company that understands the appropriate codes, loading factors and how these factors are applied within the finite element design software.

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