July 22, 2022

KMB Design Group Announces the Award of a New Jersey Cultivation Facility

KMB Design Group announces the award of a substantial design contract for a newly licensed New Jersey cultivation facility. As part of the recent award of cultivation licenses, this design concept combines the design of a facility capable of growing up to 30,000 sq. ft. of canopy in a combined grow facility/parking deck structure. Existing plans call for the cultivation space to take up the first and second floors of a parking deck to be constructed in association with a newly constructed hotel in northern New Jersey.

Leveraging innovative modeling techniques, KMB is optimizing energy consumption for the facility by comparatively evaluating multiple dehumidification, cooling, and heating technologies to deliver the highest product yields with minimum power consumption. Once exact expected consumption parameters are identified, the facility will be evaluated for the application of a combined heat and power plant to provide additional power to the currently limited supply. Additionally, waste energy from generation will be recovered and repurposed to provide cooling and dehumidification for the grow facility.

The holistic design approach taken by KMB enables a thorough assessment of all technology options during conceptual design, preventing costly redesign and iterative solution development typical of greenfield design approaches. As the lead MEP designer, KMB works collaboratively with the other engineering disciplines and architects, as well as growers and grow consultants to ensure the facility design can meet the grower’s demands and the owner’s budget.

This unique project was initiated in June 2022 with construction expected to start in the fall of 2022.