May 18, 2017

FirstNet: What You Need To Know

FirstNetFirstNet, First Responder Network Authority, is an independent authority within the U.S. Department of Commerce, which will be deployed and operated by AT&T over 25 years. It was initially created in response to the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, when New York first responders were faced with inoperable communication networks. Its mission is to develop, build and operate the nationwide broadband network that equips first responders and to help save lives and protect communities throughout the United States.

FirstNet: A Nationwide Financially Self-Sustaining Public-Safety Broadband Network

Through advanced communication and collaboration technologies, millions of law enforcement officers, firefighters, public safety personnel and paramedics will be able to do their jobs safely and effectively. Here are ten important benefits of FirstNet and how it will help public safety personnel save lives and secure communities.

Benefits of FirstNet

1. Interoperable Network of Communications

In effort to address the challenge of incompatible communication networks, FirstNet offers a single, nationwide, interoperable LTE network dedicated to first responders.

2. More Coverage

Emergencies can happen anywhere, including rural America, which is why that is one of FirstNet’s first priorities. Coverage is often difficult in rural areas. High-power tower and deployable solutions can cover more space with less total infrastructure.

3. Collaborative Communications

Access to high-speed data, real-time location information, images and video can make the difference when seconds count.

4. Prioritizing Public Safety

Lives depend on uninterrupted communication during an emergency; it’s a vital need for law enforcement, firefighters, paramedics and other responders. FirstNet’s wireless broadband network will be dedicated to covering their daily and emergency communication needs.

5. Robust Network Capacity

During large events, such as festivals, concerts and sporting events, public safety needs a robust network capacity they can rely on to do their jobs. FirstNet will provide the necessary bandwidth to coordinate these resources so public safety personnel can respond to any incidents.

6. Reliable Technology

Designed to deliver applications, devices and services tailored specifically to the needs of public safety, FirstNet will be accessible on smartphones, laptops, tablets, dongles, and other specialty devices.

7. Secure Communities

When natural disasters strike, reliable communications is a critical component of response efforts. FirstNet is designed to help public safety and rescue crews save lives and secure communities before, during and after disasters.

8. Fast Response Coordination

In the event of a man-made attack, incident commanders must be able to quickly convey vital data to other first responders. FirstNet is working to deliver a broadband network with interoperability to ensure coordinated responses to man-made or natural disasters.

9. Innovative Life-Saving Technology

FirstNet aims to foster creation of a new nationwide ecosystem that maximizes the value of public safety dollars and allows end-users to take advantage of a growing competitive marketplace.

10. “For Public Safety, by Public Safety” Approach

Working hand-in-hand with the public safety community, FirstNet is taking a “for public safety, by public safety” approach to planning and deploying the network including capacity, coverage and other service needs.

Design Considerations for Seamless Communication Support

Deployment of telecom solutions for reliable in-building coverage is of high importance. As with most public safety systems, communication solutions require secure customization, quality engineering, proper installation and regular maintenance.

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