September 20, 2017

Emergency Backup Power Solutions That Deliver

Emergency Backup Power Solutions In the wake of recent natural disasters, standby emergency backup power solutions are becoming more important than ever for municipalities and businesses within. Already mandated in many locations for “mission-critical” necessities such as water and sewer facilities, other vital roles have recently captured the attention necessary for reliable power needs. From public safety communications to solar energy to information technologies, cities today cannot risk being left without power in the face of a potential disaster.

Emergency Backup Power Solutions for Emergency Services

Facing increased chances of grid outages further emphasise the need for emergency preparedness; in fact, it has never been greater than it is today. Communities across the United States depend on reliable crisis services including NG9-1-1, call centers and first responders 24/7, but they also rely on municipal buildings as shelter during a storm. In the face of a disaster, authorities may also seek out municipal facilities to act as robust command centers.

Emergency backup power solutions give public safety organizations the communication coverage required to keep communities safe.

Emergency Backup Power Solutions to Provide Clean Water

Another way emergency backup power solutions can benefit municipalities is by providing access to uninterrupted clean, safe water and wastewater services. Both water and wastewater treatment facilities require large amounts of energy for water distribution and treatment equipment to pump consistently. If this process is halted due to a power outage, the financial and environmental damages can be tremendous. Generators can provide the solution to ensure safe water flows steady and waste is processed completely.

Protect Power with Emergency Backup Power Solutions

In today’s climate, there’s a clear expectation for 100% uptime, making power continuity a chief concern. Damages that could result from an unplanned power outage can cost a business big dollars. And according to a report by the Ponemon Institute: The 2016 Cost of Data Center Outages, the costs associated with power failures continue to rise. The group, which polled 63 data center organizations throughout the U.S. who had experienced an outage in the past 12 months, found an average cost of a data center outage in 2015 was a jaw-dropping $740,357 (up 38 percent from 2010). The increase in the maximum downtime cost ($2,409,991) was even higher, up 81 percent over that same time period.

The most expensive cost identified was business disruption, followed by lost revenue and end-user productivity, IT productivity, detection, recovery, ex-post activities and equipment.

As a result, we’ve seen a heightened awareness around the need for organizations to carefully execute risk mitigation strategies and disaster recovery plans.

KMB Delivers Emergency Backup Power Solutions When You Need It Most

At KMB Design Group, we know that cities never sleep and consistent onsite power must never be compromised. This is why each of our clients can rely on our customized telecommunication services and emergency backup power solutions to stay protected in the event of a blackout. Whether for a municipal building, fire station, data center, classroom, hospital, warehouse or business, our team of highly skilled engineers deliver dependable results so each client can have the power they need when it’s needed most.

Protect your infrastructure and stay connected with reliable emergency backup power solutions and generators. Our licensure in 50 states and experience throughout the USA and Europe makes us an ideal partner to ensure your project is designed and deployed to meet your financial and duration goals. Keep the power on. For more information, contact us at 855-755-6234.