July 10, 2014

Backup Generator Power Solutions

Don’t Get Caught In the Dark: Backup Generator Power Solutions

In today’s world, uncertain weather patterns are becoming more common — a trend that is only expected to continue. Scientists predict that storms will last longer, delivering heavier winds and causing more property damage, power outages and flooding than ever. Selecting the right power backup solutions and determining your standby backup generator requirements are important. KMB can help you through this process to aid you in making an informed decision.

Commercial units can be sized to meet any business need.

Single Generator Standby Power backup generator sets are available up to 2 megawatts, and often allow a variety of fuel options including Bio-Fuel – the only system on the market today that is EPA compliant. The natural gas option provides extended running times not available on diesel-only backup generators. It also allows for reduced on-site diesel fuel storage, which means a smaller footprint and reduced diesel fuel maintenance.

Paralleling Power generators get multi-megawatt power from multiple generators. When a single large generator set doesn’t meet your application requirements, paralleling power systems can provide flexible solutions. Install the units where it best suits the application; invest in only as much power as you need now, adding more in the future. It often allows for mixing fuel types.

Downtime is the enemy of any business. Let us help you keep your revenue dollars flowing while others are in the dark. Businesses can only make money when the lights are on. The American Society of Civil Engineers gave America’s infrastructure a D+ rating in 2013. This has been unchanged since 2009. The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) shows an increasing number of power outages over the last decade which just proves how important it is as a business owner that you focus on protecting yourself with a backup generator. Give us a call at 732.280.5623 for more information. KMB has the experience, resources and technical skills required to meet your needs on generator power backup solutions including installation. Power outages happen, so be prepared with a backup generator when the lights go out…and don’t get caught in the dark.

KMB’s approach provides our clients with comprehensive offerings which focus on reduced project overall deployment cost, shorten construction durations and maintaining quality throughout the process. In addition, KMB offers the following services: Line & Antenna Crews, Microwave Crews, Tower Reinforcement & Modifications, Rooftops site constructions, Generator Power Backup Solutions, HVAC Upgrades, Electrical Service Upgrades, Solar & Alternate Energy Systems.