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Dec 3rd 2019

Telecom 5G Use Cases and Business Advantages

The much anticipated 5G network is expected to unlock new business opportunities across all industries by enhancing wireless connectivity, improving speed and providing opportunities for IoT, cloud computing, big data and more. At the same time, organizations will be presented with a unique opportunity. By supporting customers through innovative capabilities and telecom 5G use cases, 5G will revolutionize industry developments like never before. Let’s take a look. 5G Opening Doors  Fifth-generation networks promise big improvements in wireless networks, including lightning-fast […] Read More »

Nov 25th 2019

Structural Analysis and Design: 4 Important Considerations 

Prior to breaking ground on any new construction project, important structural and design considerations must be addressed. Using the project’s architectural plans, structural engineers begin preparing a detailed structural analysis and design plan, adhering to these four important factors. 1. Design Code and Standards Structural designs must comply with all national, state or local building standards, permit requirements and design codes. These criteria serve as guidelines when designing a proposed project. While building codes will vary depending on location, here […] Read More »

Nov 12th 2019

Telecom 5G Technology Impacting Businesses Today

Telecom faces some major transformations in the next decade. Leading the revolution is telecom 5G technology, also known as fifth-generation wireless technology, or just 5G. 5G technology is one of the most highly anticipated technological advancements on the horizon. Trends in Telecom 5G telecom technology features significantly faster data transfer rates. As a result, businesses are leveraging the capabilities of 5G technology to transform work, play and, in some cases, the fundamental way we live. Dramatically faster download speeds promise […] Read More »

Oct 24th 2019

Electrical Engineering Firms Role for Efficient Designs

Electrical engineering firms play a vital role in the energy efficiency of both new construction projects and retrofitting older buildings. To satisfy the increasing demands for sustainability in a world of growing energy costs, KMB focuses on providing energy efficient MEP solutions for clients nationwide. How Can Electrical Engineering Firms Impact Energy Efficiency? Electrical engineering firms play a large role in building efficiency into the overall design of a building. This includes things like efficient lighting sources, solar power techniques, […] Read More »

Oct 10th 2019

Necessity of MEP Consultants On Every Building Project

Why MEP Consultants Are Paramount to Every Building Project  MEP consultants are key to commercial construction and renovation projects. MEP design engineers make a huge impact on the overall performance of your project, transforming everything from building efficiency to office productivity.  Below, we review the role of MEP consultants and how your business can benefit from their services. What Do MEP Consultants Offer?  MEP stands for mechanical, electrical and plumbing. MEP consultants leverage engineering expertise to establish a safe building […] Read More »

Leading Telecom Engineering Company Tackles Today’s Connectivity Challenges

A robust wireless network is fundamental in spaces such as conference facilities, airports, hotels and large commercial office buildings. These organizations face pressure from consumers to have reliable wireless services, regardless of user volume. Reliable connectivity has surpassed being a simple service offering and become an imperative investment strategy. Implementing enterprise-level wireless services comes with unique challenges, though consulting with an experienced telecom engineering company can help mitigate concerns.  Modern Connectivity Challenges Organizations today balance many challenges when designing and […] Read More »

Sep 25th 2019

10 Paths to Achieving Sustainability in Telecom and Wireless 

Sustainability in Telecom: 10 Pathways to Reduce Energy Consumption  Given the rise of 5G and increasing demands by communication equipment, energy consumption of wireless networks has escalated in the last decade. Like automotive and consumer goods, the wireless industry has begun making changes to improve sustainability in telecom and reduce energy usage. While the concept of sustainability is not new, sustainability in telecom has only recently become a key factor in many organization’s operations. Below are ten strategies telecom organizations […] Read More »

Sep 19th 2019

Mechanical and Energy Engineering Strategies to Improving HVAC Efficiency 

Over the years, “energy efficiency” and “sustainability” have moved beyond being buzzwords. In many cases, efficiency has become a core component in a company’s mission statement. For property managers and commercial building owners today, finding ways to save energy is a priority, both for their image and their bottom line. Working with an experienced mechanical and energy engineering firm can help businesses maximize ROI on time and money invested with energy saving efforts.  Let’s take a look at some of […] Read More »

Sep 11th 2019

Sustainable Architecture MEP Services

The concept of sustainable architecture has become a hot button with the rising awareness surrounding climate change. For MEP engineers, implementing sustainable architecture with green building designs helps the environment, while controlling budgets for clients by adhering to eco-friendly policies in all phases of commercial construction projects.  Sustainable Building Design Requirements Sustainable architecture reduces waste and efficiently utilizes resources. These are important components of any new construction project. According to the U.S. General Services Administration, sustainable buildings must:    Utilize […] Read More »

Aug 27th 2019

5G Cellular Technology for Hospitality

Are you ready for 5G? According to some experts, much of the hospitality industry is not ready yet. Besides gaining an edge over the competition and attracting new patrons, there are plenty of reasons why hotels may want to consider upgrading to 5G cellular technology.  Experts expect 5G to impact the industry for years to come, offering enormous promises and opportunities for organizations. Although standards and capabilities are still evolving, entertainment providers, large venues and hoteliers should add 5G cellular […] Read More »