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Nov 14th 2016

5G and Network Densification

Thanks to the explosive growth of mobile communication and data consumption, wireless subscribers are using up more network resources than ever before. And they’re not slowing down. In fact, predictions show that 75% of Internet use will be mobile in 2017. So, in response to these increasing demands, operators are being tasked with adding more capacity through means such as network densification. What Is Network Densification? According to Commscope there are three main ways to add capacity to a network. […] Read More »

Nov 2nd 2016

PV Panel Recycling | Renewable Power Capacity Outstrips Coal | Top Corporate Solar Energy Installers

Get the latest on corporate solar energy news. Learn about all things under the sun across the country happening today. PV Panel Recycling The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) recently launched a national PV recycling program which is designed to ensure the sustainability of the US solar market. PV panels are mainly made up of easily recyclable materials such as aluminum and glass. Although they can last for decades, they can also be recovered and reused once they’re at the […] Read More »

Oct 31st 2016

Measure Green Building Performance: Pursuing A LEED Certification

Gathering data for greening the building industry just got a little easier. Earlier this month at the Greenbuild Expo in Los Angeles, the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI) introduced a new technology called arc. Arc is meant to serve as an online platform for projects such as those buildings already exceeding Platinum LEED certification levels to those not yet meeting basic green prerequisites. Arc Platform Compliments LEED Certification and Other Green Building Rating Systems […] Read More »

Oct 24th 2016

How do Drones Impact Telecommunication Towers?

Drones, also known by unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAVs, are not just for recreational use any longer. Many of us have heard of UAV used in military technologies, as well as, Amazon’s most recent drone plans. Their “quadcopter” delivery army of the future. They’re changing how we live and how we work…they’re changing the world. Drones impact telecommunication towers already, while future effects are still to be determined. They are delivering data for many industries including construction, energy and transportation. […] Read More »

Oct 18th 2016

Can Your Wireless Strategy Handle the Holidays? More Venues Turn to Small Cell Networks

Are you prepared for the online shopping frenzy that occurs between Thanksgiving and New Year’s? Can your wireless strategy handle the holiday rush of Black Friday, Cyber Monday and beyond? Considering e-commerce sales increased 13% over last year’s 2015 holiday season, consumers are likely going to be shopping on their mobile devices just as much, if not more, again this year. From airports to restaurants, comprehensive network coverage and speed is critical to keep pace with the online holiday season […] Read More »

Oct 17th 2016

Commercial Solar: An Important Piece of the Power-Saving Puzzle for Businesses

We’re constantly reading in the news about big companies across the country who have made the switch (hello free publicity) to solar. But you don’t have to be a high-profile business to invest in photovoltaic power. As adoption rates continue to increase for residential solar energy, commercial solar power has the potential to save even small to mid-sized building owners and businesses even more money every year. Making the move to commercial solar energy, is an important piece of the […] Read More »

Oct 5th 2016

Sustainable Building Success: Meeting the Demands of Mixed-use Facilities

Sustainable building design practices offer a unique opportunity for organizations to create environmentally sound and resource-efficient mixed-use facilities in their surrounding communities.  Mixed-use structures are, by nature, already sustainable as they are a more efficient use of land, but there’s even more opportunities to incorporate sustainable design, construction and operations strategies into the development. At KMB, we implement eco-friendly designs that are beneficial to communities and the environment in every project for our clients. Here are just a few of […] Read More »

Sep 28th 2016

Solar Cell Technology Developments This Decade

Solar power isn’t new; it’s no surprise that the growth in solar cell technology from its infancy in 1939 to the industry it is today, has evolved quite dramatically. But even over just this past decade, photovoltaic (PV) technology has seen some major advancements; making it an increasingly dominant and important energy source for businesses all over the world. History of Solar Cell Technology From solar at the White House to sunless solar power, a lot has changed this past […] Read More »

Sep 19th 2016

Green Building News: Green Building Practices in Action

In the latest green building news, according to U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) data, only about 11 percent of all certified buildings and projects currently hold the LEED platinum certification globally. But to meet the demands of an increasingly ecologically conscious marketplace; however, more companies are turning to more efficient green building construction techniques. From health care to retail, green construction affects every industry. Green Building Practices in the News KMB Design Group brings you all the latest trends in commercial […] Read More »

Sep 14th 2016

Pokemon Go Affects Mobile Network Performance – Can You Handle User Demands?

Since its global release kicked off in July, Pokemon Go has grossed over $440 million in just two months- even exceeding some of the summer’s biggest movies! It’s already being proclaimed the most popular mobile game ever released. While it uses little data, it’s still a big drag on mobile network performance due to the large number of users accessing it simultaneously. Are you prepared to handle these user demands? Augmented Reality Game Pokémon Go is an augmented reality (AR) […] Read More »