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Jan 4th 2017

Keeping Up with Connectivity: Turnkey Telecom Design Solutions and More Building Trends for 2017

Turnkey Telecom DesignBusinesses have recently experienced an era of rapid change within technology, data and connectivity. 2017 will be no exception. Looking at the year ahead, we can expect to see advances in turnkey telecom design solutions that will continue to evolve to meet consumer demands.

Here are five trends to look out for in the next year (although by now, we all know to also expect the unexpected):

1. Turnkey Telecom Design and Deployment

Stronger. Better. Faster.

As future trends move toward turnkey telecom design solutions, the amount of time between engineering and construction processes begins to decrease. This budget-friendly approach uses integrated designs, shortened construction durations and quality-controlled project management expertise to get the job done efficiently.

Discover the solutions to build your data center stronger, better, faster through comprehensive design and deployment offerings by KMB.

2. High-Speeds Pave the Way

The race is on and 5G technology will continue to push forward in 2017. Although commercial 5G is not expected to become available until 2020, technologies are already well under development to deliver speeds up to 20 times faster than 4G. Read more on our blog, “Ready For 5G? Engineering Design Element Considerations,” to find out more.

3. Security Solutions

As a result of the Internet of (Every)Things and as M2M continues to evolve, businesses are able to automate and refine operations more than ever before. Although trends, such as increased connectivity and automation, simplify processes for professionals, it is clear that security solutions need to be ready to follow suit.

While there’s no way to completely eliminate your risk for unplanned data center outages, such as a cyber-attack, businesses can greatly decrease their risk by implementing the proper cyber security methods and defense strategies.  Read more on our blog,  “Stay Protected While Staying Connected.”

4. Tower Colocation

Businesses looking for ways to reduce overall costs and streamline operations are turning to tower colocation. Whether through passive mobile infrastructure sharing or active sharing, property owners have the ability to maximize their revenue stream. Therefore, this will add value to properties as data demands and pressure for expanded network capacity continue to increase.

5. Green Commercial Building Designs

As businesses constantly look for ways to implement more sustainable choices and decrease energy costs, we’re going to see a continued evolution of smart and sophisticated building designs that focus on energy efficiency. From zero-net-energy project plans to retrofitting HVAC controls, building owners are sharpening their focus on efficiency gains this year.

Stay Ahead of Trends with KMB

All in all, as a leading telecommunications engineering firm, KMB provides comprehensive Turnkey Telecom design services. No matter how complex or extensive your project may be, our team has the telecommunications engineering skills required to ensure a cost-effective design to meet your deployment goals and stay ahead of building trends.