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Mar 11th 2015

Telecom Engineering: Wireless Controls for Small Businesses – BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

With the explosion in mobile devices over the last few years, it is becoming the norm for individuals to bring their own wireless devices into the office. Organizations are also becoming more and more dependent on wireless technology to connect remote and mobile workers to the company network. It has become an integral part of businesses, not only boosting employee productivity but also becoming a viable alternative to wired (Ethernet-based) accessibility to the network. As the number of people using the wireless infrastructure continues to increase with devices such as smart phone, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and tablets, so do the requirements for continuous wireless control coverage for small businesses.

So, what exactly is Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)?

Does it mean employees supply and pay for their own devices they use for work? It could, but BYOD actually means much more. BYOD is about employees being able to use the communication devices they choose to increase productivity and mobility. These can be devices purchased by the employer or the employee that are used anywhere.


BYOD has become quite an influential trend affecting wireless controls and the way devices are used in small businesses. Increasingly, work is becoming an activity that people do, not a place to which they go. In years past, employers provided desktop computers for employees to do their work at the office. With the explosion in mobile devices, including laptops, tablets, smartphones and others, employees easily have these productivity tools right at their fingertips anytime and anywhere.

Complimentary WiFi Benefits Both

It is common to find businesses that offer complimentary WiFi, especially in cities, allowing people to remain connected. And studies suggest that businesses (such as Starbucks, airports, hotels, conference centers, fitness centers, etc.) are indeed seeing a return on their investment from offering complimentary WiFi to their customers (increasing foot traffic, time spent on the premises and the amount their customers spent). And soon, New York City will become a free WiFi hot spot as they evolve the old payphones to thousands of WiFi hot spots providing free Internet access across the city.

LTE Services Serving as Portable Hot Spots

Long-Term Evolution (LTE), commonly known as 4G LTE, is a standard for wireless communication of high-speed data for mobile phones and data terminals. This faster data connectivity allows users to connect their tablet (or laptop) to a smartphone and get internet access on the move. This setup is called tethering or internet sharing.

We keep our clients connected.

BYOD solutions and technologies for small businesses are quickly evolving; however one of the largest challenges is how to make it simple for employees to get connected for company resources. KMB has vast experience in telecommunications and has completed thousands of LTE upgrades to enable this connectivity. Today, businesses are finding a growing demand to provide a wide variety of wireless DAS technologies in their indoor spaces. As a leading telecom engineering firm, KMB Design Group, LLC specializes in offering turnkey wireless telecommunication service to providers including Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile USA, Sprint and AT&T.

KMB has provided consultation of over 20,000 projects in over 42 States including the design of over 3,000 microwave projects. As a leading telecom engineering firm, we provide comprehensive Turnkey Wireless Telecommunication deployment services with professional engineers on staff providing structural, civil, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection and environmental engineering. When it comes to designing new sites or implementing new technology on existing sites, operators often want a single source deployment team that understands how to manage and deliver on all aspects in terms of completion time, cost and quality. KMB is your solution.