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Apr 12th 2016

Common Questions To Ask Your Solar Consulting NY Company

Questions To Ask Your Solar Consulting NY CompanyShopping for commercial solar can feel overwhelming, because at first glance many companies may look the same. How can you tell them apart and choose the right solar firm and system for you? We’ve put together a list of 20 questions to ask every solar consulting NY company to help you make the best decision for your business.

Ask These Top 20 Questions When Deciding on a Solar Consulting NY Firm

  1. How do solar panels work?
  2. What specific type of solar panels should I install?
  3. Where are the panels made and what are they made of?
  4. How many watts would that produce?
  5. Should I get a rooftop, canopy, or ground mount installation?
  6. Can you do a multi-site installation and do you have the ability to work nationally?
  7. Do your services cover conceptual design, structural engineering as well as PV design and layout?
  8. How energy efficient are solar panels?
  9. What is the environmental impact of solar panel installation?
  10. How durable are the panels to environmental occurrences such as snow and hail?
  11. How do you measure solar power and analyze energy usage?
  12. What are the differences between a micro inverter vs. central inverter in photovoltaic systems
  13. What are typical maintenance considerations?
  14. How long is the life of the panels – and do they become less efficient as time progresses?
  15. What happens when the roof needs to be replaced?
  16. What are the financial benefits of solar power?
  17. Am I eligible for solar investment tax credits?
  18. Are there typically any problems with net metering, sending power back into the grid?
  19. What is the tilt angle and the zenith angle?
  20. Can you help with permitting and applications?

KMB Solar Engineering

Soak up the energy from the sun and go solar! Solar is filling the Earth with free energy and the benefits for your business are numerous. By choosing solar design and installation to power your business, you will get to immediately experience the benefits of lower monthly bills. Not all solar consulting firms are created equal though, so it’s important to make your business investment count by asking the right questions.

KMB is a leading facility engineering firm providing photovoltaic design & energy engineering services. Our philosophy is first to understand, then provide appropriate solutions and designs, not born out of our personal preferences, but incorporating experience from previous successful projects, that align with our clients desires. Contact us today to find out how to put energy into your projects today!