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Jul 13th 2016

Maximize Energy Efficiency in Hotels with Solar Power

Commercial solar photovoltaic (PV) installation has never been a better investment for hotels, and other hospitality businesses such as convention centers, casinos and restaurants. Guests today are more environmentally conscious than ever before and they are actively seeking to do business ‘green’ organizations. Considering they are a 24/7 operation and guest experience is priority, maximizing energy efficiency in hotels can be a challenge. But, solar installation could greatly reduce a facility’s high monthly energy expense and build strong customer loyalty.

Energy Efficiency in Hotels Checks-In with Solar

Energy is an obvious sustainability concern for hotels…but it can also be a huge cost saver. In the U.S., it’s estimated that each hotel room gobbles up over $2,000 a year in energy bills alone. However, with the right energy savings solution, like solar, they will not only decrease operating costs, but improve the overall impact on the environment. Some studies show that rooftop solar power can meet up to 15% of a hotel’s electricity requirements, for example.

Whether building from scratch or making energy efficiency renovations, one of the first places savvy businesses turn to is solar. For more great information about the financial benefits of solar power, visit our blog, “Financial Benefits of Solar Power for Businesses [INFOGRAPHIC].

Maximize Energy Efficiency in Hotels with Solar PowerWorld’s First 100% Solar-Powered Five-Star Resort

Feast your eyes on this jaw-dropping, luxury resort that is 100% powered by solar. The Finolhu Villas, resort on Kaafu Atoll in The Maldives, was designed by Yuji Yamazaki to have as little impact as possible on the pristine environment that surrounds it. Set on a 13-acre island, the resort is not only a one-of-a-kind getaway, but an “example of how energy independence can be achieved even in a challenging environment for development.”

The resort has solar panels, which blend in well as a part of their design element, that generate around a megawatt of energy per day. That is more than is needed to power the entire resort, so excess energy is stored for rainy or cloudy weather.

Energy Efficiency in Hotels and Sustainable Hospitality Designs

You don’t have to be located in The Maldives to create ‘green’ sustainable systems that will enhance guest comfort and demonstrate your commitment to offer energy efficiency in hotels. Higher energy efficiency simply means more guest comfort and more business savings. Check out our recent blog post on the importance of Sustainable Building Design [INFOGRAPHIC] for more great insight on how our engineers can help by greening the design of your commercial industrial building.

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