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Mar 8th 2017

Improving Sustainability with Commercial Solar Canopies

Commercial Solar CanopiesAs one of the fastest growing trends in the renewable energy market, commercial solar canopies are positively impacting businesses from coast to coast. All across the United States, companies are choosing to tap into the power of the sun typically lost to blacktop surfaces in parking lots.

What is a Commercial Solar Canopy?

Typically installed in parking lots, commercial solar canopies are elevated structures that host solar panels. These panels provide renewable energy and simultaneously offer shade for vehicles. Also known as solar carports, solar canopies are undoubtedly a value-add for businesses.

Much more popular in the business sector than in residential markets, commercial solar carports and canopies have grown in popularity recently. GTM Research forecasts that by the end of 2016, the solar carport sector will be valued at $843 million, with the majority of installations in the commercial sector.

Benefits of Commercial Solar Canopies

One of the great advantages of commercial solar canopies is that they offer a much more efficient use of space. They also don’t require additional land the way ground or rooftop mount solar panels do. But the benefits of commercial solar canopies go beyond providing solutions for companies without open ground space or large flat rooftops, including:

Maximize Energy Savings

The positioning of commercial solar canopies can help maximize solar production and produce as much electricity as possible. Additionally, they reduce the maintenance costs to the parking lot, blocking rain and snow to certain areas and minimizing the amount of ice.

Save Money

Although commercial solar canopies are a major construction investment, they have the potential for major savings; the amount will depend on the size of your system. Plus, businesses that construct solar panel systems can write off the value through the Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS), which reduces businesses’ tax burden and accelerates returns on solar investments.

Keep Vehicles Cooler

For employees or customers, a shaded parking lot offers comfort during hot weather. It also helps to improve the fuel economy of the vehicles that park beneath it. Running the air conditioning system in a vehicle is the main cause of reduced fuel economy in hot weather, according to gov. By keeping cars shaded and cool on hot days, solar canopies reduce the need for heavy air conditioning use.

Show Your Sustainability Commitment

A study by the Nielsen Company showed that 66 percent of global consumers said they were willing to pay more to buy from sustainable brands. Showing a public demonstration of your company’s commitment to the environment and sustainability is a powerful motivator for consumer purchasing decisions and demonstrates to employees that you’re an ethical business to work for.

Commercial Solar Solutions by KMB

Wondering what kind of commercial solar design is right for your business? From small scale (less than 10KW) to large scale (over 8MW), the expert solar engineering team at KMB Design Group has helped multiple companies, schools, and municipalities reap the benefits of solar canopies, carports and rooftop arrays. Get in touch with us today at 855-755-6234 to learn more.