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May 3rd 2017

Expanding Coverage with DAS Engineering Services and In-Building Systems

DAS Engineering ServicesNo matter what industry you’re in, cellular coverage shows no signs of slowing down. Considering mobile data traffic has grown 18-fold over the past five years, many businesses are turning to DAS engineering services and in-building systems to tackle expanding coverage needs.

Consumers are increasingly demanding reliable communications inside office space and residential building for their personal and business needs. Wireless communications are no longer just a trending convenience, but rather an integral part of the way we live, work and communicate.

But thankfully, venues such as office buildings, stadiums, shopping malls, health care, airports, hospitality, education, convention centers, etc. have a strong solution for strong cellular coverage.

DAS Engineering Services and In-Building System Solutions

Distributed Antenna Systems, or DAS, are traditionally the go-to solution for larger scale venues who have a high number of cellular users. This system of coax cables and indoor antennas work together to transmit wireless signals, improving coverage and reliability in areas where traditional cellular towers may have trouble reaching users. Every antenna in a DAS network serves as a mini-cellular tower designed to broadcast strong signal strength and bandwidth.

This type of system is perfect for areas of about 500,000 square feet, such as a retail shopping plaza, campus or sports arena. They are also used in high traffic areas such as the New York subway system. They also require the most advanced level of technical expertise from a planning, installation and maintenance standpoint.

Some benefits of installing a DAS system in your venue include: optimize network performance, increase customer satisfaction, add revenue for wireless network carriers, improve marketability of your property, and enhance emergency services by improving the safety of the building’s occupant communications.

Increased Connectivity May Also Be Required by Law

Back in 2009, the National Fire Protection Association’s NFPA-1 and the International Fire Code addressed the need for an in-building system such as a DAS network. Now, some local municipalities have specific ordinances to ensure that construction of new buildings includes adequate radio coverage for public safety signals.

In the case of an emergency, a DAS network facilitates indoor 911 calls and is better equipped to handle the number of concurrent calls that would otherwise overwhelm the existing wireless coverage. For public safety personnel, such as firefighters who need to communicate in critical areas like stairwells, strong radio frequency signals are a must.

Delivering Coverage for Growing Demands with DAS Engineering Services

Thanks to the continued growth in the number of smartphone users, streaming video, the Internet of Things, global mobile data traffic is expected to increase sevenfold between 2016 and 2021.

When it comes time to consider an in-building cellular coverage solution, building owners should work with a well-established company who specializes in DAS Engineering services to ensure reliability and performance. Depending on your specific needs and requirements, KMB can engineer and install the right in-building DAS solution.

To learn more about our telecom services including full turnkey deployment, site acquisition, public safety, tower analysis, utility coordination and more, turn to your trusted partners for delivering your desired results.