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Feb 4th 2015

Energy and Resource Efficiency Tips for the New Year

According to, the most common New Year’s Resolutions include to lose weight, quit smoking, get a better job, and save money. But it’s never too late to make your own resolution that can save you money (and the earth) by embracing some simple energy and resource efficiency tips (like “going green”). Try these tips and tricks from KMB to create a money-saving, waste-reducing, eco-friendly company that makes you, and the earth, proud. Sustainable architectural designs can help to reduce waste; whether you own or lease your building, you can incorporate these simple heating, cooling, lighting and power tips right away.


• “Tune-up” your heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) system with regular maintenance before each heating and cooling season. You’ll save money and energy … and your system will last years longer if it’s well maintained.

• Regularly change HVAC filters.

• Install programmable thermostats which allow you to control the temperature during business hours as well as during unoccupied times. Some devices are even Wi-Fi enabled, so you can change the settings from your computer, smart phone or tablet.

• Control the direct sun through windows depending on the season and your local climate. Blocking the direct heat gain from the sun during the hotter months and allowing solar heat through unobstructed windows during the cooler months.


• One of the simplest tips on our list: Turn off the lights. High utility costs often include paying for energy that is completely wasted from lights left on.

• Switching your inefficient, outdated light bulbs to LED lighting may be the ultimate change for the eco-slacker. All jokes aside, it really takes only one person to change a light bulb — and since LEDs last longer than traditional bulbs, you’ll be saving money and energy for many more years.

• Install switch plate occupancy sensors in rooms where lights are accidentally left on, such as an office, conference rooms, break rooms, restrooms, supply closets, etc., to automatically turn off the lighting when no one is present and back on when people return. This is a very convenient way to save energy in a commercial space.

• Use available (and FREE) sunlight to illuminate your work spaces during the day. Architectural daylighting is the practice of placing windows, skylights, light shelves or other openings and reflective surfaces so that during the day natural light provides effective internal lighting. Beyond that, though, the science of architectural daylighting design involves how to do so without any undesirable side effects by carefully balancing heat gain and loss, glare control, and variations in daylight availability. By opting instead for more natural lighting, you stand to not only save energy but also increase productivity among your business’s employees.


• Eliminate phantom power, also known as vampire electrical loads. These silent thieves refer to devices that continue to “suck” power even when they’re supposedly “off” accounting for approximately 11% of the electricity used in the US. According to, the average charger consumes .26 watts of energy when not in use and 2.24 watts even when a fully charged device is connected to it.

• Soak up the energy from the sun and go solar! Solar is filling the Earth with free energy and the benefits for your business are numerous. By choosing solar design and installation to power your business, you will get to immediately experience the benefits of lower monthly bills. These savings coupled with State and/or Federal financial programs can offset your capital costs in several years, allowing you to put more of your profits back into your business. Not all solar is created equal though, so it’s important to make your business investment count. By investing in solar energy technology, you will see an immediate return on your capital investment.

April 22 marks the 45th anniversary of the first Earth Day, which started to boost awareness about the environment. Clearly, there are numerous advantages to going green, including saving money and being kind and considerate to the environment and our limited resources. So, do your part now.


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