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Putting Common Wireless Telecommunication Concerns At Ease

 The Business Research Company recently released their “Wireless Telecommunication Carriers Market Global Report 2017” which stated that the wireless telecommunication carriers market is expected to reach over $1 trillion in 2020. From reliable connectivity to uninterrupted service, businesses are are no stranger to facing challenges, especially amidst today’s rapidly growing digital demands.  To address these challenges, here are six... Read More

Aesthetic Considerations for Telecommunication Tower Types

The public wants mobile service at their fingertips – demanding seamless connectivity everywhere and all the time… but they don’t want to see any of the telecom towers and equipment. Because of these concerns, an integral consideration of many telecommunication tower types is to ensure aesthetic designs are combined with smooth service. As a property owner, you may be concerned (or have heard concerns from the community) about the visual effect... Read More

You Didn’t Even See It There! Staying Connected with Camouflage Telecom Tower Designs

To accommodate the ever-increasing demands for cell phone coverage and network access at all times, mobile network operators continue to expand their existing networks (4G LTE) by building out more macro cell sites and small cells. And they’re turning to companies like KMB to conceal their telecom towers in a more aesthetically pleasing way. Gone are the days when large antennas loomed in neighborhoods and camouflaged towers meant your only choice... Read More

Different Types of Telecom Towers: Which Design is Right For Your Site?

When choosing which telecom tower will best suit your project, it is important to consider a number of factors first, including design, tower height, location (environment) and weight. Identifying the most efficient telecom tower design can be challenging but KMB is committed to helping you select the style that is right for your project and accommodate increasing connectivity demands. We are a leading provider of Design & Build tower modifications... Read More