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What is Variable Refrigerant Flow and How Can it Help Save HVAC Energy Costs?

What is Variable Refrigerant Flow? This proven HVAC technology has been used for over three decades in Europe and Asia …and now gaining marketplace acceptance in North America. Because of its ability to respond to fluctuations in space load conditions, VRF excels at saving energy (and energy costs) during part-load system usage and has become an attractive alternative to traditional HVAC options.What is Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF)?As the... Read More

Watch Out for These Top Green Commercial Building Trends [Part 2]

In part one of “Watch Out for These Top Green Building Trends,” we revealed that reducing energy consumption and reducing water consumption tops the list as most important green building trends. Other green commercial building trends include LEED ratings, cool and green roofs, water conservation technologies and WELL Building Standard initiatives.In the United States, green building is projected to account for more than half of all commercial... Read More

MEP Engineering Company Defines Variable Refrigerant Flow

What is Variable Refrigerant Flow? Mechanical, electrical and plumbing services (MEP) design is critical for managing and operating any facility, including the variable refrigerant flow (VRF). VRF heating and air conditioning system is a specific type of HVAC system that uses one outdoor unit that connects to multiple units indoors. These indoor units are controlled by a thermostat in a variable flow mode while the outdoor unit supplies the... Read More