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Maximizing Revenue with Tower Colocation

Looking for ways to reduce costs and streamline business? With the constantly changing technology landscape in emerging markets (including 4G and 5G services) as well as the increased data demands with pressure for expanded network capacity, tower colocation is one way businesses can maximize their revenue stream. Not only that but it can also add value to properties, financially benefiting owners in more way than one.About Tower Colocation and Wireless... Read More

Structural Engineering: Benefits of Tower Co-Location

Co-location services today are critical to support the explosive data growth and the need for high-bandwidth, low latency connectivity to wireless networks. Over the last few years, many carriers are moving from building and owning new towers to selling off the vertical infrastructure and becoming a tenant. In addition to this change in infrastructure, ownership is a huge push to co-locate on existing towers rather than incurring the expense of building... Read More