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Telecom 5G Use Cases and Business Advantages

The much anticipated 5G network is expected to unlock new business opportunities across all industries by enhancing wireless connectivity, improving speed and providing opportunities for IoT, cloud computing, big data and more. At the same time, organizations will be presented with a unique opportunity. By supporting customers through innovative capabilities and telecom 5G use cases, 5G will revolutionize industry developments like never before.Let’s... Read More

Telecom 5G Technology Impacting Businesses Today

Telecom faces some major transformations in the next decade. Leading the revolution is telecom 5G technology, also known as fifth-generation wireless technology, or just 5G. 5G technology is one of the most highly anticipated technological advancements on the horizon.Trends in Telecom5G telecom technology features significantly faster data transfer rates. As a result, businesses are leveraging the capabilities of 5G technology to transform work,... Read More

Leading Telecom Engineering Company Tackles Today’s Connectivity Challenges

A robust wireless network is fundamental in spaces such as conference facilities, airports, hotels and large commercial office buildings. These organizations face pressure from consumers to have reliable wireless services, regardless of user volume. Reliable connectivity has surpassed being a simple service offering and become an imperative investment strategy. Implementing enterprise-level wireless services comes with unique challenges, though consulting... Read More

How Telecom Networks Help Ensure the Efficiency of Your Business

As the demand for wireless capacity continues to increase across multiple regions, so does the growth in complexity of managing telecom networks. The telecom market is changing faster and faster and businesses need reliable solutions to deal with growing networks and market demands to maximize efficiency. KMB delivers a comprehensive approach to managing and deploying telecom projects, all the way from inception to completion. Our professional engineers... Read More

Identifying the 3 Different Types of DAS Systems

DAS System BasicsIdentifying the 3 different types of DAS ProjectsA distributed antenna system (DAS) provides telecom companies a deployment method to deal with isolated spots of poor or no coverage both externally and inside buildings. Just as it sounds a DAS system is a network of relatively small antennas which supplement a carriers macro site coverage objectives and are therefore designed with a specific coverage goals. External DAS systems... Read More

Advances in Wireless Technology, Enhance Site Design & Deployment

The Need for Speed – In recent years, national wireless carriers have been racing to keep up with the public’s voracious appetite for data consumption.Despite every advancement in technology that provides the public with more bandwidth and increased data transfer speeds, the ensuing consumption quickly exhausts this increased capacity.   As users, we have a seemingly insatiable hunger for streaming media and ubiquitous, reliable high-speed... Read More

KMB Design Group’s Stephen Banks Appointed to NYSWA Board of Directors

WALL TOWNSHIP, N.J., May 14, 2013 – Stephen J. Banks, Partner and Senior Vice President of KMB Design Group, has been elected to the board of directors of the New York State Wireless Association. Banks spearheads the executive development of KMB’s telecommunications business and is a recognized leader. He has more than two decades of industry experience as a professional Civil/Structural Engineer in the United States and Europe. He... Read More