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Sustainable Building Design Principles On Office Wellness

How Sustainable Building Design Principles Impact Workplace Wellness?In today’s competitive workplace, employees are evaluating all aspects of a job before making employment decisions. Salary, benefits, culture and function are all major factors, but increasingly job applicants are looking for wellness initiatives built into their workplace experience. In a space that often leaves employees feeling stressed, stiff and sick, sustainable building... Read More

Building Information Modeling for Sustainable Building Design

In construction, building information modeling for sustainable building design helps engineers more accurately establish a schedule and calculate costs for a project. Engineers use building information modeling (BIM) to construct a ‘virtual’ building, where they can analyze the feasibility of a project cost-effectively. BIM also effectively demonstrates the impact of incorporating sustainable building practices on the overall design process... Read More

Finding Your Ideal Corporate Building Design and Engineering Consultants

When renting space to other business owners, it helps if you can offer the ideal floor layout and office space that corporate renters are looking for. With so many options out there, how do you know what building features are “ideal?” It starts by understanding the latest trends in corporate building design and the KMB MEP Engineering Consultants have the inside scoop.From open work spaces and sustainable building designs to superior IT infrastructure... Read More

Sustainable Building Success: Meeting the Demands of Mixed-use Facilities

Sustainable building design practices offer a unique opportunity for organizations to create environmentally sound and resource-efficient mixed-use facilities in their surrounding communities.  Mixed-use structures are, by nature, already sustainable as they are a more efficient use of land, but there’s even more opportunities to incorporate sustainable design, construction and operations strategies into the development.At KMB, we implement eco-friendly... Read More

“Resimercial” Architectural Engineering Trends Influencing the Modern Workplace

The modern office design has evolved to match the new generation of employees who are looking for more creative and environmentally friendly concepts in their workplaces. Office buildings and corporate interiors have moved away from straight lines and thick walls to more of an open space that encourages fluidity and collaboration among the staff. Companies who embrace these modern architectural engineering trends will rise to the top and see a true... Read More

Energy Engineering Company Unveils 6 Fundamental Principles of Sustainable Building Design

Buildings all over the nation use a variety of resources (energy, water, materials, etc), they generate waste (construction, occupant, etc) and release atmospheric emissions. And building owners are often faced with the challenge to meet the ever changing demands for new, upgraded facilities that are accessible, secure and healthy; while minimizing environmental impact. Thus, choosing sustainable building design can help to reduce operation costs... Read More

Sustainable Engineering: Benefits of a Living Wall

Eco-friendly architectural designs are both beneficial to the community and the environment as well as socially responsible. If you are looking to incorporate an eco-friendly design into your office, consider a living green wall, which has numerous benefits. As we run out of green space in cities across the nation, living green walls can transform an urban space into something beautifully natural.What is a Living Wall?A living wall, more commonly... Read More