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Making Solar Sleek: How Tesla Solar Panels Will Increase the Use of Renewable Energy Systems

Earlier this year, Tesla CEO, Elon Musk formally submitted an offer to acquire SolarCity. Since then he has unveiled new renewable energy solutions and made a promise to “make solar sexy.” How? By creating a range of textured glass tiles that are nearly indistinguishable from conventional tiling, adding a more organic feel.Tesla + SolarCity future: solar roofs + batteries + electric cars— Tesla (@TeslaMotors) October... Read More

How Do Solar Panels Work at Night?

Throughout the day, solar panels are busy absorbing the sun’s rays and generating electricity for your every energy need. A solar system is made up of photovoltaic (PV) cells, and these cells are made up of materials called semiconductors absorbs the sun’s heat and light. Photovoltaic simply means they convert sunlight into electricity. So, if a solar panel needs sunlight to make energy, what happens when the sun goes down? How do solar panels... Read More

Understanding Energy Efficiency in Solar Panels

Energy efficiency in solar panels is the measure of the percentage of sunlight that hits a panel and turns it into usable electricity. The higher the efficiency rating of your solar panels, the less surface area you’ll need to cover your business’ energy needs.Solar Cell EfficiencyA common question business ask when considering to install commercial solar panels is which are the most efficient. Understandably, companies need to consider their... Read More

PV Production | Solar Energy Storage | Solar Energy Costs

Solar Energy in the NewsGet the latest on solar energy, photovoltaic news and learn about all things under the sun across the country, from KMB Design Group, a Solar Engineering Company.Tax Credits Impact PV Production and ShipmentsStrong solar photovoltaic (PV) production and shipments are forecast during the first half of 2016, due to installation deadlines, sunsetting solar tax credits and other policy dynamics of the two largest global solar... Read More

Top Cities Solar Power | First Solar Road | Solar Sailing Spacecraft

Get the latest on solar energy, photovoltaic news and learn about all things under the sun across the country, from the KMB photovoltaic and engineering design group.Top 16 U.S. Cities For Solar PowerThe solar power industry is in the middle of a spectacular growth spurt in the United States, especially in densely populated areas. Contrary to what you may suspect, some of the most rapid rates of solar installation have been seen in cities not especially... Read More

Snowy Solar: Do Solar Panels Work in Snowy Climates?

Surprise, the weather forecast may be calling for snow sometime very soon. And with snow, comes storms bringing the possibility of power outages. Last winter’s polar vortex caused widespread power outages which highlighted the advantages of solar energy but also raised the question: Do solar panels work in snowy climates?Winter isn’t automatically a bad thing. In order to make solar power work, you need panels that absorb the heat and light from... Read More

Solar Power Forecasting: Photovoltaic (PV) Energy Production Estimates

Solar energy represents a vast, renewable resource that can be tapped to meet society’s growing demand for electrical energy. Everyone knows that solar can help the planet; many know it can also save money in the long run, but in either case, the question that often comes up is: “how much?” The amount of PV energy a solar array produces can help to answer this question. Solar power forecasting involves knowledge of the sun´s path, the atmosphere’s... Read More

How Solar Power Works: The Basics

Solar Power: Back to BasicsAhh, the sun. How we love that big power plant up in the sky…it’s filling the Earth with free energy.  Usually, when light hits an object the energy created from the light turns into heat, like the warmth you feel when you sit in the sun. But when light hits certain materials, the energy turns into electrical currents which we can use for power. But let’s take a closer look at how solar power works.Solar panels... Read More