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Ground Mounted Photovoltaic Systems vs Rooftop: Which Is Right For You?

Commercial solar is a wise investment for almost any business. Having the ability to generate your own energy provides more than a long-term cost savings. Commercial solar investments protect against electricity rate hikes, while positioning your organization as eco-friendly and environmentally aware. Not sure which PV system will work best for your business? Let’s take a look at some differences between ground mounted photovoltaic systems and... Read More

Do Thin Film Solar Panels Make Sense for My Organization?

What are thin film solar panels, how do they benefit businesses and what does the future look like?What Are Thin Film Solar Panels?Thin film solar panels, also known as flexible solar panels – or “flex”, are lightweight, thin-filmed solar cells that have light absorbing layers approximately 350 times smaller than the standard silicon panel. Their design is a great improvement over that of their predecessors.Thin film solar panels are... Read More

Is a Solar Parking Canopy Right For Your Organization?

A solar parking canopy provides shade for cars and generates clean, sustainable energy. But does this dual purpose PV installation make sense for your organization? Solar Parking Canopy: Does It Make Sense?The benefits of going solar are greater than ever and organizations ready to benefit both financially and environmentally are looking for ways to share in the savings. Below we’ll uncover the benefits of installing a solar parking canopy and... Read More

Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC): What Businesses Need to Know

The federal solar tax credit, also known as the solar investment tax credit (ITC) allows businesses to deduct 30 percent of the cost to install a solar energy system from federal taxes. Falling under the umbrella of the Business Energy Investment Tax Credit, it applies to both residential and commercial solar systems and can offer a significant factor in helping companies make the decision to go solar.Why is the Solar Investment Tax Credit important... Read More

What Happens to Solar Energy Usage During A Power Outage?

In the event of a blackout, seemingly basic necessities, such as keeping the lights on, powering the cash register or even just charging a cell phone, become essential. Many business owners, however, don’t have the appropriate source of backup power when the grid goes down during a power outage. Even sustainable businesses that rely on solar energy usage for their day-to-day electricity needs may end up losing power if their system doesn’t include... Read More

Does the Eclipse Affect Solar Power? KMB Consulting Firm in the Solar Energy Industry Has the Answer

With Monday’s total solar eclipse on the horizon, many are wondering if (and how) an eclipse will affect solar power. KMB, a top Consulting Firm in the Solar Energy Industry, has your answers about this phenomenon. When the moon passes in front of the sun during an eclipse, it will, indeed, test how well the country’s grid can handle an unprecedented interruption in solar-power production. As the first to cover the United States coast-to-coast... Read More

Weighing the Solar Energy Pros and Cons for Sustainable Businesses

Anyone with a sustainable motivation has probably considered a few solar energy pros and cons to determine if going solar is the right choice for business. However, with so many individual factors to take into account, it can be difficult to make a proper comparison.Here are a few solar energy pros and cons (and the myths that sometimes surround them) to help get you started as you begin to weigh sustainable business options. For more specific insight,... Read More

6 Ways Solar Design Engineers Can Help Make Your Commercial Solar Project a Reality

Going solar is a dream for many businesses. Their goal is not only to generate power more efficiently and save money in the long run, but to move to the forefront of an energy revolution. However, it can be challenging to know how to start and who can help. As a leading consulting firm in renewable energy, our solar design engineers can help make this dream a reality.Last year was a record year for solar and we will continue to keep moving forward.... Read More

Swim with the Power of the Sun: 4 Benefits of Commercial Solar Pool Heating

Most commercial indoor and outdoor pools stay between 80-86 degrees to maintain a comfortable swimming temperature level. But, commercial pool owners know that even on hot summer days, temperatures at night can dip low, forcing them to continuously spend on heating the pool throughout the summer. Whether it’s a pool located in a fitness center, homeowner association, university, swim club, hotel, or apartment building, year-round heating consumes... Read More

Renewable Energy In The News

 Learn about all the latest events in renewable energy, sustainability and solar design and engineering happening today from KMB Design Group. Our goal is to provide information, knowledge and resources in the exciting and constantly evolving photovoltaic and renewable industry.Obama Administration Moves to Encourage 1.3 GW of Energy Storage ProcurementEarlier this month, the Obama Administration announced a series of actions designed to... Read More