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Solar Energy Usage – Today and for the Future

Businesses and consumers alike are more focused today on sustainability and ecological responsibility. Solar energy usage today is one of many green initiatives that require numerous efforts to improve the environment and reduce carbon footprints:Reduction in the use of paperRecycling to avoid the impact of landfillsEnergy conservation – more efficient appliances and automobilesElectric vehicles – hybrids or totally electric cars and trucks... Read More

How Solar Energy Companies Can Help Businesses Maximize ERoEI

In the face of a complex and confusing time, commercial solar may initially sound like a risky move. But, despite the new tariff , experienced solar energy companies, like KMB, can help business owners use the sustainable and cost-effective energy alternative to maximize ERoEI.What is Energy Return on Energy Investment (ERoEI)?Energy return on energy investment (ERoEI), also referred to as EROI, refers to the amount of energy that must be expended... Read More