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Can Your Wireless Strategy Handle the Holidays? More Venues Turn to Small Cell Networks

Are you prepared for the online shopping frenzy that occurs between Thanksgiving and New Year’s? Can your wireless strategy handle the holiday rush of Black Friday, Cyber Monday and beyond? Considering e-commerce sales increased 13% over last year’s 2015 holiday season, consumers are likely going to be shopping on their mobile devices just as much, if not more, again this year.From airports to restaurants, comprehensive network coverage and speed... Read More

You Didn’t Even See It There! Staying Connected with Camouflage Telecom Tower Designs

To accommodate the ever-increasing demands for cell phone coverage and network access at all times, mobile network operators continue to expand their existing networks (4G LTE) by building out more macro cell sites and small cells. And they’re turning to companies like KMB to conceal their telecom towers in a more aesthetically pleasing way. Gone are the days when large antennas loomed in neighborhoods and camouflaged towers meant your only choice... Read More

Modernizing Mobile Networks with Small Cell Technology

Customers today continue to demand a reliable wireless signal that’s available anytime…anywhere; with small cell technology your business will be able to fulfill those increasing demands. Strong enough to address the increased data traffic within complex locations such as stadiums, malls and hospitals, small cell technology solutions allow organizations to transform weak coverage areas into productive work zones.With the combination of technology... Read More

Understanding Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) and Small Cells

What are Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)?Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) is a system of managed hubs and remote antennas that distribute a wireless signal to a series of connected indoor or outdoor multi-band, multi-technology radio heads. By focusing a basestation’s signal on a specific area through remote antennas, the DAS delivers higher capacity and consistent coverage over the area it serves. They are best suited for large venues with... Read More