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KMB Design Group Announces New Vice President of Small Cell & 5G Solutions

KMB Design Group is proud to announce the addition of Kevin Russ, PgMP, PMP to enhance and expand its Small Cell & 5G Division.WALL, N.J., MAY 20, 2019 – KMB Design Group, a full service engineering solutions provider licensed in the United States and Europe, recently announced the addition of Kevin Russ, PgMP, PMP within the company to support its continued growth.“Kevin has a strong telecom background on both the carrier and vendor... Read More

Driving Forces Behind Small Cell Technology

As a cost-effective solution to help organizations fill coverage gaps, increase bandwidth and get ready for seamless 5G connectivity, small cell technology solutions are making a big impact. While it’s not necessarily a new concept, small cells are getting more and more attention.In addition to being a power efficient and affordable solution, small cell technology has also become more flexible and attractive. Moving beyond coverage within commercial... Read More