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Benefits of Commercial Energy Consumption Analysis

With energy costs on the rise, building owners must find innovative solutions to offset increasing utility bills. Energy usage is one of the highest recurring business expenses. Many organizations are unaware of hidden energy culprits and feel stuck when it comes to making reductions. Conducting an energy consumption analysis can enable commercial and industrial business owners to tap into incremental energy saving solutions and increase profits.  What... Read More

Reliability of a Commercial Photovoltaic Solar System

Investing in a commercial photovoltaic solar system makes great business sense for many organizations. PV helps many businesses improve operational efficiency, thereby lowering monthly utility expenses and banking solar power for future use. Learn whether solar makes sense for your organization.  Is solar power reliable enough to justify a major business investment? Whether you’re considering installing a commercial photovoltaic solar system... Read More

Solar Energy Usage – Today and for the Future

Businesses and consumers alike are more focused today on sustainability and ecological responsibility. Solar energy usage today is one of many green initiatives that require numerous efforts to improve the environment and reduce carbon footprints:Reduction in the use of paperRecycling to avoid the impact of landfillsEnergy conservation – more efficient appliances and automobilesElectric vehicles – hybrids or totally electric cars and trucks... Read More

How the New U.S. Solar Tariff Could Affect Commercial Renewable Energy

A drastic new tariff on imported solar panels could have a profound effect on commercial renewable energy. Let’s take a look at what that could mean for businesses throughout the United States.Will the Solar Tariff Cloud the Future for Commercial Renewable Energy?Over the past decade, the future for commercial renewable energy outlook has been very bright. Thanks in part to the 2006 Solar Investment Tax Credit, solar has experienced an average... Read More

Solar Energy Services In the News

KMB Design Group, a Solar Energy Services and Engineering Company, delivers all the latest news about solar. Our goal is to provide information, knowledge and resources in the exciting and constantly evolving photovoltaic industry. Take a look at the renewable energy developments trending today.California’s solar energy grid survived the eclipse without incidentSolar power provides 10 percent of California’s energy supply, which meant... Read More

Renewable Energy in Commercial Real Estate: Overcoming Common Barriers

With Google data centers and their offices right on track to be 100% powered by renewable energy by the end of 2017, corporations stand to be one of the most powerful advocates for clean energy throughout the United States. But, since not all businesses have the lucrative resources at their fingertips as Google does, property owners tend to face a number of barriers when pursing their efficiency goals, both financial and non-financial.As a resource... Read More

A Bright Future: Commercial Solar Power Solutions for Educational Facilities

Utility costs are one of the few areas of a school’s budget that is difficult to trim without negatively affecting the student experience. Because of this, a growing number of administrators have been exploring the benefits of commercial solar power solutions for their educational facilities.Many school buildings have flat, large rooftops (ideal for rooftop solar photovoltaic) making them a good candidate for solar conversion, especially those... Read More

New York State Commits to Renewable Energy: “50 By ’30”

Last year, New York state committed to generating half of its energy from renewable sources by the year 2030. As the country’s third-largest population, New York now joins California (America’s most populous state) in having set a “50 by ‘30” renewable energy benchmark.Mandatory and Enforceable 50 x ’30 Renewable Energy StandardThe program mandates that 50 percent of all electricity consumed in New York by 2030 come from clean and renewable... Read More

Renewable Energy In The News

 Learn about all the latest events in renewable energy, sustainability and solar design and engineering happening today from KMB Design Group. Our goal is to provide information, knowledge and resources in the exciting and constantly evolving photovoltaic and renewable industry.Obama Administration Moves to Encourage 1.3 GW of Energy Storage ProcurementEarlier this month, the Obama Administration announced a series of actions designed to... Read More

KMB Design Group Solar Engineering Shines Through

One of the major reasons KMB Design Group has been at the forefront of the solar industry is that we’re not only engineers, we’re stewards for the community and environment. We are committed to a sustainable future. Since solar is the cleanest and most abundant source of renewable energy available today, we’re literally bringing energy into our designs.What makes KMB Design Group’s Solar Shine:1. We Believe in Our Mission StatementKMB... Read More