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Optimizing Commercial PV Design and Layout

Many industries today, including retail, hospitality, food service, heath care, education and the public sector, are aiming to decrease their carbon footprints and save on energy costs with solar power. But maximizing power generation and minimizing system costs are dependent on several different parameters, including PV design and layout.Designing a highly efficient solar PV system is more of an art than a science. Simple changes can have a sizable... Read More

PV Panel Recycling | Renewable Power Capacity Outstrips Coal | Top Corporate Solar Energy Installers

Get the latest on corporate solar energy news. Learn about all things under the sun across the country happening today.PV Panel RecyclingThe Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) recently launched a national PV recycling program which is designed to ensure the sustainability of the US solar market. PV panels are mainly made up of easily recyclable materials such as aluminum and glass. Although they can last for decades, they can also be recovered... Read More