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How Corporate Interior Impacts Workplace Comfort

The construction of a workplace and design of a corporate interior can make a huge difference in worker comfort resulting in increased productivity. A large range of factors can contribute to how happy, healthy and satisfied employees are in the workplace.Office Building and Corporate Interior ResearchBased on research, corporate facility engineers have a lot to consider when designing a building. Our philosophy is first to understand, then provide... Read More

How Telecom Networks Help Ensure the Efficiency of Your Business

As the demand for wireless capacity continues to increase across multiple regions, so does the growth in complexity of managing telecom networks. The telecom market is changing faster and faster and businesses need reliable solutions to deal with growing networks and market demands to maximize efficiency. KMB delivers a comprehensive approach to managing and deploying telecom projects, all the way from inception to completion. Our professional engineers... Read More

“Resimercial” Architectural Engineering Trends Influencing the Modern Workplace

The modern office design has evolved to match the new generation of employees who are looking for more creative and environmentally friendly concepts in their workplaces. Office buildings and corporate interiors have moved away from straight lines and thick walls to more of an open space that encourages fluidity and collaboration among the staff. Companies who embrace these modern architectural engineering trends will rise to the top and see a true... Read More