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Machine to Machine Technology Leads to Cyber Security Concerns

As concerns for cyber security increase daily and we continue to move in the direction of the machine to machine technology, so does the demand for building automation systems (BAS) solutions (that go beyond HVAC controls). Cyber threats are becoming increasingly more sophisticated and more frequent, causing many organizations to evaluate their current security levels.Machine to Machine Networks and Cyber Security ConcernsA recent Ponemon Institute... Read More

Recent Advances in Wireless Technology

No doubt, wireless technology is advancing at an incredible pace. Every day, these technological advances are continuously looking to up the ante for more speed, more power and more efficiency. The ever growing demand from users of mobile networks (concerning capacity and coverage) is driving technologies to advance at a rapid pace.The Next Evolution (and the need for speed): 3G → 4G → 5GBack in June we posted a blog, “Time for a Network Upgrade”,... Read More

Behind the Scenes: Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Overview

When machines “talk” they do so in a language known as “telemetry.” The concept of telemetry — remote machines and sensors collecting and sending data to a central point for analysis, either by humans or computers isn’t necessarily new but the machine to machine (M2M) concept takes that communication to a whole new level. M2M is a broad label that can be used to describe any technology that enables networked devices... Read More