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Electrical Engineering Services and Green Practices

How Electrical Engineering Services Are Embracing Green PracticesMore clients today are asking for projects to incorporate sustainable (green) design principles in the electrical engineering plans. Whether that comes in the form of innovative electricity sources, more efficient systems for heating and cooling or new solar power designs, sustainability is playing a major role in how we power buildings. What is Driving the Demand for Sustainable... Read More

Building Information Modeling for Sustainable Building Design

In construction, building information modeling for sustainable building design helps engineers more accurately establish a schedule and calculate costs for a project. Engineers use building information modeling (BIM) to construct a ‘virtual’ building, where they can analyze the feasibility of a project cost-effectively. BIM also effectively demonstrates the impact of incorporating sustainable building practices on the overall design process... Read More

Designing an Effective Retail Store Layout for Competitive Advantage

When it comes to designing an effective retail store layout for new buildings or renovating an existing location, brands are being challenged to come up with innovative solutions and unlock the potential of their retail space.Especially in today’s growing digital world, brick-and-mortar retailers are seeking ways to optimize their store portfolios and shift toward innovative solutions that enhance the customer experience. With competition more... Read More

Full-Service Structural Engineering

Businesses undertaking renovations, expansions, or new construction require a professional analysis of design and materials to ensure the structural integrity of the completed project. This is to ensure safety, stability of structures, and compliance with building codes at every level.Regulations vary widely depending on the location of construction, making selection of qualified consultants and experienced technicians critical for quality results... Read More

Smart Lighting Design and Engineering for Commercial Properties

Companies nationwide are getting behind emerging technologies as they move into the world of internet-connected LED lighting. Recent developments have illuminated the importance of offering internet-controlled, smart lighting design systems for commercial properties; but, because smart lighting design is so much more than switching out a lightbulb, collaborating with networking experts and lighting design engineers becomes of high importance for a... Read More

You Didn’t Even See It There! Staying Connected with Camouflage Telecom Tower Designs

To accommodate the ever-increasing demands for cell phone coverage and network access at all times, mobile network operators continue to expand their existing networks (4G LTE) by building out more macro cell sites and small cells. And they’re turning to companies like KMB to conceal their telecom towers in a more aesthetically pleasing way. Gone are the days when large antennas loomed in neighborhoods and camouflaged towers meant your only choice... Read More

Alternative Energy in the News

KMB Design Group, a Solar Engineering Company, delivers the latest news on all things solar and alternative energy. Our goal is to provide information, knowledge and resources in the exciting and constantly evolving solar power industry. Take a look at the photovoltaic developments trending today.National Lab Helps Establish New Quality Standards for PV ModulesFor the past five years, researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy’s National... Read More

Photovoltaic (PV) News

KMB Design Group, a Solar Engineering Company, delivers the latest news on all things photovoltaic and solar energy. Our goal is to provide information, knowledge and resources in the exciting and constantly evolving photovoltaic industry. Take a look at the solar developments trending today.The Photovoltaic Market Alliance (PVMA) Estimates Photovoltaic Installations of At Least 51 GW in 2015After 40 GW of photovoltaic installations in 2014, a confirmation... Read More

Understanding Energy Efficiency in Solar Panels

Energy efficiency in solar panels is the measure of the percentage of sunlight that hits a panel and turns it into usable electricity. The higher the efficiency rating of your solar panels, the less surface area you’ll need to cover your business’ energy needs.Solar Cell EfficiencyA common question business ask when considering to install commercial solar panels is which are the most efficient. Understandably, companies need to consider their... Read More

Renewable Energy in the Northeast

Solar energy is growing across the world, in fact, the Northeast region is currently positioned to boom in opportunities for commercial solar development – and KMB is excited to be at the forefront of it. Headquartered in New York, we are a leading solar engineering firm in the renewable energy field providing photovoltaic design and engineering services across the nation and in Europe.Sunshine StatesContrary to what might be expected: warm,... Read More