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Sun through the Centuries: The History of Solar

Solar technology isn’t new. Humans have been trying to harness this energy into a usable source of power since ancient times. Its history spans from the seventh century B.C. to today. Thousands of years ago, harnessing the sun’s energy began by concentrating the sun’s heat with glass and mirrors to light fires. Now, we have everything from solar-powered cars to solar-powered airplanes.As the solar industry continues to take shape throughout... Read More

Top Cities Solar Power | First Solar Road | Solar Sailing Spacecraft

Get the latest on solar energy, photovoltaic news and learn about all things under the sun across the country, from the KMB photovoltaic and engineering design group.Top 16 U.S. Cities For Solar PowerThe solar power industry is in the middle of a spectacular growth spurt in the United States, especially in densely populated areas. Contrary to what you may suspect, some of the most rapid rates of solar installation have been seen in cities not especially... Read More

Measuring Solar Power

Some say the amount of energy reaching the surface of the Earth every hour is greater than the amount of energy used by the Earth’s population over an entire year. So when the sunshine hits a photovoltaic solar electric panel generating DC power, a natural question is, “How much power is my solar panel generating?” Measuring solar energy can help position your solar panel for maximum efficiency, so let’s start with the basics.Understanding... Read More

Energy-Efficient Restaurant Systems

Energy efficiency is a smart business practice that improves ROI, reduces carbon foot prints and conserves natural resources. Did you know that restaurants use about five to seven times more energy per square foot than other commercial buildings? (High-volume quick-service restaurants may even use up to 10 times more energy per square foot). As energy costs continue to increase, investing in energy efficiency is the best way to protect your business.Typical... Read More