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Staying Protected While Staying Connected

Mobile Application Management SolutionsBYOD (bring your own device) solutions and technologies for small businesses are quickly evolving and becoming critical productivity tool. With the explosion in mobile devices, including laptops, tablets, smartphones and others, employees easily have these productivity tools right at their fingertips anytime and anywhere. However, this productivity driver can also pose complex IT security challenges. KMB IT... Read More

Telecom Engineering: Wireless Controls for Small Businesses – BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

With the explosion in mobile devices over the last few years, it is becoming the norm for individuals to bring their own wireless devices into the office. Organizations are also becoming more and more dependent on wireless technology to connect remote and mobile workers to the company network. It has become an integral part of businesses, not only boosting employee productivity but also becoming a viable alternative to wired (Ethernet-based) accessibility... Read More