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KMB Design Group Announces New Vice President of Small Cell & 5G Solutions

KMB Design Group is proud to announce the addition of Kevin Russ, PgMP, PMP to enhance and expand its Small Cell & 5G Division.WALL, N.J., MAY 20, 2019 – KMB Design Group, a full service engineering solutions provider licensed in the United States and Europe, recently announced the addition of Kevin Russ, PgMP, PMP within the company to support its continued growth.“Kevin has a strong telecom background on both the carrier and vendor... Read More

Applications for 5G Small Cell Technology in Networks of the Future

Why is 5G Small Cell Technology Important for Future Networks?As we have covered in previous articles, 5G technology is designed to enhance tomorrow’s mobile broadband (up to a rate of a few gigabytes per second), create ultra reliable and low latency networks (with less than 1 millisecond latency), and connect a huge number of devices that will enable massive IoT opportunities. Considered the foundation of future network success, 5G small cell... Read More