November 12, 2019

Telecom 5G Technology Impacting Businesses Today

Telecom faces some major transformations in the next decade. Leading the revolution is telecom 5G technology, also known as fifth-generation wireless technology, or just 5G. 5G technology is one of the most highly anticipated technological advancements on the horizon.

Trends in Telecom

5G telecom technology features significantly faster data transfer rates. As a result, businesses are leveraging the capabilities of 5G technology to transform work, play and, in some cases, the fundamental way we live. Dramatically faster download speeds promise impactful changes. Here are a few 5G-led technology trends in telecom that businesses can expect to see in 2020.

5G Technology

There’s no limit on connections. Offering ultra-low latency and improved data rates, 5G will be able to support many more connected devices than 4G. This opens new doors for businesses to expand upon services and customer experiences, with less worrying about overloading their bandwidth.

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AI – Artificial Intelligence

AI has the power to completely revolutionize business operations. From virtual assistants to predictive analytics that can detect fraudulent activity, artificial intelligence makes it possible to implement actionable insights from data gathered.

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IoT – Internet of Things 

It’s undeniable that the Internet of Things (IoT) will provide numerous benefits for an enterprise. From smart climate control and lighting to tracking inventory and smart assistance, IoT connectivity has the power to transform operations by improving efficiency and intelligence gathering. In addition, this technology can also help the telecom industry by monitoring base stations and data centers remotely to prevent downtime for the network. 

Data – Big Data

Mobile devices are constantly generating wireless data —  everything from geolocation, to usage habits, to buying patterns. The influx of data is only growing and the businesses that are prepared will be the ones to capitalize on it. 

This new data heavy world, coined Big Data, analyzes patterns and trends in human behavior and digital interactions gleaned from collected digital data. This data is often too large and moves too quickly for traditional database and software techniques to process, so businesses need to expand their capacity in order to access its full potential. 

Are you sure that your infrastructure will be ready to support 5G technologies when they are rolled out? Now is the time to address Big Data requirements. Don’t miss the early adopter competitive advantage in 5G telecom technology. Make sure that your company’s wireless infrastructure has been fully upgraded to accommodate Big Data, arming you with the info you need to improve customer experience, better understand buyer behavior, and expand upon products and services.


Incorporating 5G telecom technologies will enable businesses to introduce more automated systems. Automations, also known as robotic process automation (RPA), can reduce error rates and operational costs, while improving customer service and efficiency. Through automated, rules-based processes, RPA offers many opportunities for businesses to streamline repetitive tasks, such as responding to customer inquiries, processing orders, tracking inventory and more.

Meet Your Telecom 5G Technology Demands with Small Cells 

As a mid-size telecommunication engineering firm, KMB has the advantage of being financially strong enough to handle large scale projects, but also small and nimble enough to adjust to a wide range of client needs or project demands. Technology is constantly evolving and demands for connectivity are ever-increasing. Let us help you meet your telecom 5G technology demands with innovative small cell designs

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