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Aug 16th 2019

Understanding What 5G Infrastructure Means

Consumers, companies and cities alike are all eager and ready for 5G technology to be a reality. We have been hearing about the unfathomable possibilities of 5G for years, but understanding exactly how things will change is still a bit murky. Questions like what is 5G infrastructure and what do we need to do to be ready abound in everyone’s mind.  What is 5G Infrastructure? 5G infrastructure is a multilevel system comprising both the equipment and the necessary policy and […] Read More »

Aug 14th 2019

Photovoltaic Engineering for the Healthcare Sector

Healthcare facilities are the second largest commercial building energy consumers within the United States. This makes solar energy a natural fit. Photovoltaic engineering can significantly improve the bottom line for healthcare organizations.  Working with a photovoltaic engineering firm to install a commercial solar system for your healthcare business can help to reduce energy spend and improve community wellness. Embracing Renewables Community stewardship is an important consideration for the healthcare sector. Embracing photovoltaic engineering and promoting renewable energy sources not only […] Read More »

Aug 9th 2019

MEP Engineering Firm Role in a Commercial Tenant Fit-Out

Commercial tenant fit-outs require a vast amount of planning. It’s imperative to carefully choose an MEP engineering firm prior to making any permanent decisions. To be efficient and successful, mechanical, electrical, HVAC and plumbing crews must all collaborate to ensure a seamless integration.  MEP Engineering Factors to Consider for a Tenant Fit-Out As one of the best MEP engineering firms in the nation, KMB has extensive experience in mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, structural, energy and LEED consulting services. Whether […] Read More »

Jul 25th 2019

What Do 5G Towers Look Like? And Other Common Questions

The excitement around the “fifth generation” of cellular network technology has been building for years. Now that 5G is finally starting to be implemented, new questions are surfacing from your management and C-suite team. How will 5G change the way we connect with customers? What do 5G towers look like? When is 5G really coming? Are we ready? Let’s shed some light on common questions that organizations may face in the near future about 5G. 5G is set to improve […] Read More »

Jul 15th 2019

Electrical Engineering Services and Green Practices

How Electrical Engineering Services Are Embracing Green Practices More clients today are asking for projects to incorporate sustainable (green) design principles in the electrical engineering plans. Whether that comes in the form of innovative electricity sources, more efficient systems for heating and cooling or new solar power designs, sustainability is playing a major role in how we power buildings.  What is Driving the Demand for Sustainable Electrical Engineering Services? Many factors contribute to the increased demand for sustainability in electrical […] Read More »

Jul 9th 2019

5 Ways MEP Consulting Engineers Can Help Your Bottom Line

Whether you’re a building owner, architect or contractor, it’s essential to work with professional MEP consulting engineers on new construction or renovation projects to optimize building performance, minimize operating costs and improve ROI. Benefits of MEP Consulting Engineers for New Construction or Renovation Projects MEP consulting engineers work closely with organizations throughout the design, construction and operating processes by analyzing and evaluating systems from beginning to end. By fully integrating with a building’s architecture, MEP consulting engineers can coordinate building […] Read More »

Jun 28th 2019

Solar Engineering Consultants Reveal 3 Costly Solar Mistakes

Many unique factors affect the design of an optimal solar array. Over the past 15 years, KMB’s solar engineering consultants have witnessed many promising solar projects undercut by costly mistakes. Being mindful of the following three potential solar pitfalls will help you to avoid these common reasons for underperforming installations.  1. Only Going With the Cheapest Quote Energy prices are on the rise, but installing solar panels for your organization is a great way to reduce your energy bills for […] Read More »

Jun 21st 2019

Sustainable Building Design Principles On Office Wellness

How Sustainable Building Design Principles Impact Workplace Wellness? In today’s competitive workplace, employees are evaluating all aspects of a job before making employment decisions. Salary, benefits, culture and function are all major factors, but increasingly job applicants are looking for wellness initiatives built into their workplace experience. In a space that often leaves employees feeling stressed, stiff and sick, sustainable building design principals can help to mitigate these kinds of problems —  and make an employer more attractive to job […] Read More »

Jun 13th 2019

KMB Completes MEP Engineering Design Work to Enhance Monmouth Service Area

KMB Design Group recently completed the MEP engineering design work at Garden State Parkway (GSP) Mile Marker 100 in Wall Township, New Jersey. This busy service area will give travelers more than just a convenient break from the road on their way to the shore this summer. The Monmouth Service Area, which is located at the 100 mile marker on the GSP -a 172.4 mile limited-access toll road that runs the length of New Jersey from Cape May to the […] Read More »

Jun 4th 2019

Building Information Modeling for Sustainable Building Design

In construction, building information modeling for sustainable building design helps engineers more accurately establish a schedule and calculate costs for a project. Engineers use building information modeling (BIM) to construct a ‘virtual’ building, where they can analyze the feasibility of a project cost-effectively. BIM also effectively demonstrates the impact of incorporating sustainable building practices on the overall design process and final construction project. BIM-based projects still produce traditional design deliverables. But their true impact goes well beyond that. BIM offers […] Read More »