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Oct 30th 2014

Save Energy with a Commercial HVAC Upgrade

If your HVAC (Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning) system is more than 10 years old and you find yourself making frequent repairs, don’t wait until the system dies. Replacing an old, inefficient system can save on your utility bill and make your building far more comfortable. HVAC refers to the equipment, distribution system, and controls that provide heating, ventilation, and air conditioning for buildings. HVAC systems are the main energy consumers in commercial buildings. They account for approximately half of […] Read More »

Oct 28th 2014

Solar Power Forecasting: Photovoltaic (PV) Energy Production Estimates

Solar energy represents a vast, renewable resource that can be tapped to meet society’s growing demand for electrical energy. Everyone knows that solar can help the planet; many know it can also save money in the long run, but in either case, the question that often comes up is: “how much?” The amount of PV energy a solar array produces can help to answer this question. Solar power forecasting involves knowledge of the sun´s path, the atmosphere’s condition, the scattering […] Read More »

Oct 23rd 2014

Sustainable Engineering: Energy Modeling

Sustainable engineering utilizes energy modeling, or the virtual simulation of a building that focuses on energy consumption, utility bills and life cycle costs of various energy related items such as air conditioning, lights and hot water. It is also used to evaluate the payback of green energy solutions like solar panels and photovoltaics, wind turbines and high efficiency appliances. Determining a building’s energy use is not always an intuitive process for even the most seasoned sustainable engineering and industry professionals. […] Read More »

Oct 15th 2014

Identifying the 3 Different Types of DAS Systems

DAS System Basics Identifying the 3 different types of DAS Projects A distributed antenna system (DAS) provides telecom companies a deployment method to deal with isolated spots of poor or no coverage both externally and inside buildings. Just as it sounds a DAS system is a network of relatively small antennas which supplement a carriers macro site coverage objectives and are therefore designed with a specific coverage goals. External DAS systems are known as O’DAS or outside DAS. Today, businesses […] Read More »

Oct 2nd 2014

Am I Eligible for Solar Investment Tax Credit?

Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) If you’re buying a solar energy system today, one of the most generous solar incentives that you’re entitled to is the 30% federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC). But not everyone who goes solar is eligible to receive it so it’s important to do your research. The solar investment tax credit is an important federal policy mechanism to support the deployment of solar energy in the United States. Tax policies related to renewable energy play a […] Read More »

Sep 25th 2014

Facility Engineering Impacts Productivity

Facility Engineering Impacts Productivity Through Corporate Interiors Hire a facility engineering firm to create the best office design, developing a more productive work environment. Is the idea that employees will be more productive if they are comfortable and inspired in their workplace believable? Sure it is! Everyone craves some kind of a stimulating workplace. The productivity formula is relatively simple: recruit quality employees, sustain a high level of employee satisfaction… and productivity will improve. A great deal of research supports […] Read More »

Sep 18th 2014

Solar Concentrated Photovoltaic Electricity (CPV)

What is Solar Concentrated Photovoltaic Electricity? Concentrated Photovoltaic technology uses optics to focus large amounts of sunlight onto small photovoltaic surfaces with the help of an optical device to generate electricity more efficiently than traditional PV.  By concentrating sunlight onto a small area, this technology has three competitive advantages: •Requires less photovoltaic material to capture the same sunlight as non-concentrating PV. •Makes the use of high-efficiency multi-junction cells economically viable due to smaller photovoltaic area requirements. •The optical system comprises […] Read More »

Aug 26th 2014

Getting Smart with Smart Meters

Understanding Smart Meters Utility companies are rolling out smart meter technology across the country in an effort to bring the benefits of a modernized electric grid to consumers. But when you type “smart meters” into a search engine in an effort to learn more, you’ll get over 26 million results. It’s obvious that with that much access to pages and pages of information, it’s easy to have a misunderstanding of this technology which can lead to concerns. So let’s dive […] Read More »

Aug 15th 2014

How Solar Power Works: The Basics

Solar Power: Back to Basics Ahh, the sun. How we love that big power plant up in the sky…it’s filling the Earth with free energy.  Usually, when light hits an object the energy created from the light turns into heat, like the warmth you feel when you sit in the sun. But when light hits certain materials, the energy turns into electrical currents which we can use for power. But let’s take a closer look at how solar power works. Solar […] Read More »

Aug 7th 2014

Spread the Sunshine – Solar Power Crowdfunding

What is Solar Power Crowdfunding? Crowdfunding is by definition, “the practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet.” Each campaign is set for a goal amount of money and a fixed number of days. Once the project is launched, each day will be counted down and the money raised will be tallied up for visitors to follow its success. Instead of traditional investors, crowdfunding […] Read More »