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Benefits of a Telecommunications Engineering Company

More than a telecommunications engineering firm, KMB is your partner and go-to resource for the entire project.Many organizations spend a lot of time, money and stress on internal training to ensure staff are delivering results in a timely manner. However, certain projects can pose a challenge for internal resources, going beyond the scope of internal expertise. When you need to complete a project on time and on budget, consider working with a telecommunications... Read More

When to Bring In Telecom Engineering Consultants

Whether you’re designing a building from the ground up or undergoing a major renovation project, the telecommunication system must be considered as a part of the initial design. Waiting too long to collaborate with telecom engineering consultants can be detrimental to a project. Find out how bringing on telecom engineering consultants at the right time can actually save you time and money on your next project.Save Time and Money with Telecom... Read More

What Do 5G Towers Look Like? And Other Common Questions

The excitement around the “fifth generation” of cellular network technology has been building for years. Now that 5G is finally starting to be implemented, new questions are surfacing from your management and C-suite team. How will 5G change the way we connect with customers? What do 5G towers look like? When is 5G really coming? Are we ready?Let’s shed some light on common questions that organizations may face in the near future about... Read More

 5G Small Cell Companies Respond to User Demands with Aesthetically Pleasing Designs 

Residents and businesses worldwide increasingly rely on wireless handheld devices to transmit data and communicate. With the progressive shift to 5G, users are expecting more processing capabilities and speed—but without sacrificing the skyline to hundreds of unsightly towers. To keep pace with these demands, local governments in the United States are seeking out innovative 5G small cell companies to provide aesthetically pleasing installation designs.Small... Read More

Partnering with Telecom OSP Engineers in Anticipation of 5G

Telecom OSP engineers play a crucial role within the constantly evolving telecommunications industry. Considered the backbone of service provider companies, telecom OSP engineers are the primary source of antenna designs and deployment strategies —  which are heavily depended upon for the future of 5G.Let’s take a look at the role of telecom OSP engineers as we approach the next generation of wireless data networks.Role of Telecom OSP Engineers... Read More

Preparing for 5G Small Cell Deployment

As we’ve covered in depth in previous articles, the next major step in wireless networking is the much anticipated 5G network. Promising faster speeds, higher bandwidth,and lower latency, 5G technology is closer to being a reality and opening the door to revolutionary innovations. But, the transition to this next era of wireless service will require a major investment in network infrastructure. To prepare, organizations will be relying on widespread,... Read More

OSP Engineers Offer Insights on 5G’s Impact on Businesses

Does your business have a plan in place for the 5G network transformation? While every business has different goals, understanding the needs of the end user is an important factor in building a successful business strategy for 5G. In this post, our telecom and OSP engineers have the insight on how 5G will impact businesses—and how to support the much anticipated rollout.How Can OSP Engineers Help Businesses Leverage 5G PromisesOutside Plant Engineers,... Read More

How Electrical Telecommunication Engineering is Essential for Smart Buildings

Technology is constantly evolving. From energy management to intelligent security, these advancements create the potential for smarter building design. Today’s smart buildings produce a huge amount of energy performance data every day. In order to leverage this data and maximize a building’s efficiencies, commercial and industrial organizations are turning to electrical telecommunication engineering solutions.What is a Smart Building?A smart... Read More

5G Benefits for Businesses

With the introduction of the super-fast fifth generation network coming this year, businesses will soon be presented with a mountain of 5G benefits they never knew possible. Beyond improving the end-user experiences, 5G will present unique business opportunities for brands worldwide. Let’s take a look at a few of the benefits that 5G is about to unleash. It’s going to be a game-changer for businesses and organizations world wide.5G: A RecapBefore... Read More

Understanding Millimeter Wave Frequencies for 5G Networks

What Are Millimeter Wave Frequencies for 5G Networks?Millimeter wave frequencies for 5G networks, also referred to as extremely high frequency (EHF), are a band of radio frequencies that allows transmission on frequencies between 30 GHz and 300 GHz. Compared to 5 GHz frequencies previously used by mobile devices, these frequencies, called millimeter waves (mmwaves) due to wavelengths that fall between 1 mm and 10 mm, are well suited for 5G networks.... Read More