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Benefits of a Telecommunications Engineering Company

More than a telecommunications engineering firm, KMB is your partner and go-to resource for the entire project.Many organizations spend a lot of time, money and stress on internal training to ensure staff are delivering results in a timely manner. However, certain projects can pose a challenge for internal resources, going beyond the scope of internal expertise. When you need to complete a project on time and on budget, consider working with a telecommunications... Read More

How Sustainable Buildings Benefit Businesses

As discussions of climate change, alternate energy sources and clean living continue to garner spotlight, sustainable buildings are attracting more attention. So why aren’t more businesses converting?One issue holding back a larger scale transition is the fact that many organizations still don’t understand how it can directly impact a business. Sustainable buildings aren’t just about creating a structure with a low environmental impact —... Read More

Dispelling Common Myths About Solar Energy for Business

The future of solar energy for business keeps getting brighter. Despite numerous benefits, many organizations still have concerns about solar energy and how well photovoltaic (PV) panels work on a commercial basis. I don’t have the space. It’s too cloudy on our property. Isn’t it expensive?Don’t let these common myths about solar energy prevent your business from missing out on energy savings and cost benefits. Below, our solar experts shine... Read More

Green Building Design Goes Beyond the Environment

Sustainable architecture is very important for the environment, but the benefits extend beyond energy efficiency and cost savings. Green building design has gained traction over the past few decades, gradually expanding from a focus on reducing waste and saving water to a more holistic approach that highlights how buildings can directly affect occupants. According to the World Green Building Council, “Workers in green, well-ventilated offices... Read More

The Race for Speed Among 5G Technology Companies

The race is on for 5G technology companies. Major carriers such as Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T have already begun rolling out 5G service in select cities within the United States. That makes it official: the next generation of ultra-fast wireless technology—5G—has arrived. Almost. For most of the country, 5G is still a few months away. 5G technology companies and regulators are frantically working to get everything in place for... Read More

Benefits of Commercial Energy Consumption Analysis

With energy costs on the rise, building owners must find innovative solutions to offset increasing utility bills. Energy usage is one of the highest recurring business expenses. Many organizations are unaware of hidden energy culprits and feel stuck when it comes to making reductions. Conducting an energy consumption analysis can enable commercial and industrial business owners to tap into incremental energy saving solutions and increase profits.  What... Read More

Reliability of a Commercial Photovoltaic Solar System

Investing in a commercial photovoltaic solar system makes great business sense for many organizations. PV helps many businesses improve operational efficiency, thereby lowering monthly utility expenses and banking solar power for future use. Learn whether solar makes sense for your organization.  Is solar power reliable enough to justify a major business investment? Whether you’re considering installing a commercial photovoltaic solar system... Read More

Photovoltaic Solar Energy Options for Commercial Clients

Is your organization thinking about going solar and curious about your photovoltaic solar energy system options? For business operations, solar power is an investment that can provide a nice return, not only for the environment, but to your bottom line. Whether through a solar thermal hot water heating system that reduces operating costs or a custom designed rooftop photovoltaic solar energy system that shows your business’ commitment to the environment,... Read More

Flexible Electrical Design in MEP

Incorporating carefully considered electrical design in MEP plans is vital to optimizing the performance of new and existing structures. From mixed-use office spaces to educational facilities, flexibility is trending in building design today. Commercial clients are seeking to upfit their high-rise buildings. Public organizations are looking to transform the functionality of their space. Their building’s electrical design plays an instrumental role... Read More

Small Cells and 5G Evolution

Business’ and consumers’ appetite for faster data and larger capacity has led to an increase in data traffic and network infrastructure enhancements. Current network infrastructure cannot keep up. Consequently, we’re seeing a deluge of interest in small cells and the 5G evolution. Fueling Market Growth for Small CellsAccording to an Allied Market Research report titled, “Small Cell 5G Network Market by Component (Solution and Service),... Read More