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The Race for Speed Among 5G Technology Companies

The race is on for 5G technology companies. Major carriers such as Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T have already begun rolling out 5G service in select cities within the United States. That makes it official: the next generation of ultra-fast wireless technology—5G—has arrived. Almost. For most of the country, 5G is still a few months away. 5G technology companies and regulators are frantically working to get everything in place for... Read More

Benefits of Commercial Energy Consumption Analysis

With energy costs on the rise, building owners must find innovative solutions to offset increasing utility bills. Energy usage is one of the highest recurring business expenses. Many organizations are unaware of hidden energy culprits and feel stuck when it comes to making reductions. Conducting an energy consumption analysis can enable commercial and industrial business owners to tap into incremental energy saving solutions and increase profits.  What... Read More

Flexible Electrical Design in MEP

Incorporating carefully considered electrical design in MEP plans is vital to optimizing the performance of new and existing structures. From mixed-use office spaces to educational facilities, flexibility is trending in building design today. Commercial clients are seeking to upfit their high-rise buildings. Public organizations are looking to transform the functionality of their space. Their building’s electrical design plays an instrumental role... Read More

Small Cells and 5G Evolution

Business’ and consumers’ appetite for faster data and larger capacity has led to an increase in data traffic and network infrastructure enhancements. Current network infrastructure cannot keep up. Consequently, we’re seeing a deluge of interest in small cells and the 5G evolution. Fueling Market Growth for Small CellsAccording to an Allied Market Research report titled, “Small Cell 5G Network Market by Component (Solution and Service),... Read More

Telecom 5G Use Cases and Business Advantages

The much anticipated 5G network is expected to unlock new business opportunities across all industries by enhancing wireless connectivity, improving speed and providing opportunities for IoT, cloud computing, big data and more. At the same time, organizations will be presented with a unique opportunity. By supporting customers through innovative capabilities and telecom 5G use cases, 5G will revolutionize industry developments like never before.Let’s... Read More

Structural Analysis and Design: 4 Important Considerations 

Prior to breaking ground on any new construction project, important structural and design considerations must be addressed. Using the project’s architectural plans, structural engineers begin preparing a detailed structural analysis and design plan, adhering to these four important factors.1. Design Code and StandardsStructural designs must comply with all national, state or local building standards, permit requirements and design codes. These... Read More

Telecom 5G Technology Impacting Businesses Today

Telecom faces some major transformations in the next decade. Leading the revolution is telecom 5G technology, also known as fifth-generation wireless technology, or just 5G. 5G technology is one of the most highly anticipated technological advancements on the horizon.Trends in Telecom5G telecom technology features significantly faster data transfer rates. As a result, businesses are leveraging the capabilities of 5G technology to transform work,... Read More

Electrical Engineering Firms Role for Efficient Designs

Electrical engineering firms play a vital role in the energy efficiency of both new construction projects and retrofitting older buildings. To satisfy the increasing demands for sustainability in a world of growing energy costs, KMB focuses on providing energy efficient MEP solutions for clients nationwide.How Can Electrical Engineering Firms Impact Energy Efficiency?Electrical engineering firms play a large role in building efficiency into the... Read More

Necessity of MEP Consultants On Every Building Project

Why MEP Consultants Are Paramount to Every Building Project MEP consultants are key to commercial construction and renovation projects. MEP design engineers make a huge impact on the overall performance of your project, transforming everything from building efficiency to office productivity. Below, we review the role of MEP consultants and how your business can benefit from their services.What Do MEP Consultants Offer? MEP stands for mechanical,... Read More

Leading Telecom Engineering Company Tackles Today’s Connectivity Challenges

A robust wireless network is fundamental in spaces such as conference facilities, airports, hotels and large commercial office buildings. These organizations face pressure from consumers to have reliable wireless services, regardless of user volume. Reliable connectivity has surpassed being a simple service offering and become an imperative investment strategy. Implementing enterprise-level wireless services comes with unique challenges, though consulting... Read More