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Dec 3rd 2019

Telecom 5G Use Cases and Business Advantages

The much anticipated 5G network is expected to unlock new business opportunities across all industries by enhancing wireless connectivity, improving speed and providing opportunities for IoT, cloud computing, big data and more. At the same time, organizations will be presented with a unique opportunity. By supporting customers through innovative capabilities and telecom 5G use cases, 5G will revolutionize industry developments like never before.

Let’s take a look.

5G Opening Doors 

Fifth-generation networks promise big improvements in wireless networks, including lightning-fast speed, super low latency, and the ability to carry large numbers of connections at the same time. All of these benefits are empowering businesses of all sizes to transform operations, but for some, up-front commitments can pose a roadblock.

According to a McKinsey 5G survey, many enterprises have made progress toward developing their technology and pilot strategies, however, few have moved beyond the early stages of developing a business case or commercial strategy. 

Although 5G will require new infrastructure, long-term returns on investment are promising. By taking advantage of all the benefits, 5G will open doors to better serve customers across multiple industries. Connectivity will be essential to stay ahead of the competition. Businesses that upgrade to 5G-ready technology will be in a better position within their industry and will become trusted business partners for customers.

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Leveling Up to 5G: Top 3 Use Cases 

In order to achieve ROI that justifies their upfront investments in 5G, organizations must look beyond existing business models and target the following 5G use cases:

  • Extreme mobile broadband and fixed wireless access: Applications might include faster video streaming, interactive multiplayer gaming, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) games and experiences, and connecting patients with remote healthcare services.
  • Critical real-time communication: Applications might include the operation of precision production lines, automated mining, enhanced responsiveness in autonomous cars, and medical applications such as remote surgery.
  • Massive machine-type communication: Applications might include industrial applications (e.g., predictive remote maintenance), management of smart grids, city applications (e.g., real-time traffic management), drones, and integrated services and devices in connected homes.


Network Requirements for 5G

With the combination of innovative technologies, 5G presents more comprehensive capabilities than past technologies.The real challenge will be keeping up with emerging technologies and the infrastructure support they need to achieve their maximum potential. 

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